20 Creative Life Hacks To Make Parenting More Fun

Parenting More Fun

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If you’re a parent who’s on the go, or just want to make life easier for yourself and your children, then keep reading for some cool parenting life-hacks!

1. Lazy Dad Or Smart Dad?

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If your child is on the swing and needs to be pushed, why not tie a rope to the swing, sit wherever you want to, perhaps with a pint of beer, and keep tugging on the rope. Your child gets to have fun on the swing and you can sit back and relax.

2. Handy Bed sheets:

Who knew bed sheets had so many uses? For example, you can make a hammock for your child by tying the bed sheet around a table. Make sure it’s nice and tight!

3. Hybrid Stroller-Scooter:

Get a baby stroller and a scooter and turn it into a hybrid! This way taking your baby around is not only awesome fun, but it’s also quick if you’re ever in a rush. However, please ensure you know how to use a scooter (bring out your inner child!)

4. Siblings Do Fight:

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Every sibling goes through fights – mild or even plain crazy. However, if they misbehave with each other more than usual, just put them in a giant t-shirt that says “Our get along shirt!” This way, they are literally stuck to each other and have to get along.

5. Cardboard Fun:

Have an old cardboard box lying around? Don’t throw it away because it can come in handy. Open out the box and use it as a slide on your staircase. You can either attach it to the stairs or you can even let your kids slide down with the cardboard, like a mini roller coaster ride.

6. Happy Shower Happy Baby:

Giving your baby a bath can be difficult with all their wiggling and fidgeting, which can result in water going into their eyes causing them discomfort. All you have to do is invest in a baby shower cap (it kind of looks like an umbrella for your kid’s head) and voila! Her eyes are safe and dry.

7. Gamer Families:

Dads or even moms who want to play videogames seriously without a child messing your score, here’s what you have to do: give them controllers that are disconnected, they’re not going to know the difference!

8. Dreams Can Come True:

Get your children duvets that have realistic bodies on them such as an astronaut or mermaid! It’s like their dream of being something coming to life.

9. More Uses For Socks:

If your toilet seat has a gap in the middle, use socks on either side so it stays warm.

10. Twin-Ception:

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Use adorable yet smart and sneaky outfits that have clues to tell your twins apart. Sometimes, we’re sure you’ll need it 😉

11. No More Messy Popsicles:

A muffin cup/holder can protect your child’s clothes and hands from drips, spills, and stickiness. Just slide it over the Popsicle stick!

12. Environmental Friendly Kids:

Environmental Friendly Kids

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Teach them to save power with handy-dandy pollution stickers.

13. Always Use Sprinkles:

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For a kid, sprinkles make everything look delicious. Throw them onto healthy juices/smoothies and your little ones will drink it happily.

14. Help With Their Concentration:

If your child sits on a stability ball while doing homework, their concentration improves.

15. Teething Problems Solved:

During teething, your baby’s gums will hurt, so freeze a pacifier with milk/formula, as it the coolness will be soothing.

16. Arts & Crafts:

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Transform a DVD case into a travel art kit. We love this idea!

17. Road Trip Hack:

Use a shoe caddy to store games and snacks on a long road trip.

18. Portable Baby Chairs:

These contraptions can fold up and can be used absolutely anywhere!

19. Keep The Cough Away:

To stop coughing at night, rub vapor rub on your child’s feet and cover with socks.

20. Shoe Shopping:

Trace your child’s feet so you can go shoe shopping on your own!

Let us know if you used any of these life-hacks! Tell us below.

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