Why Do Teens Engage In Texting And Driving?

Teens Engage In Texting And Driving

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Has your teen taken to the wheels yet? Is she learning to drive and is almost ready to hit the roads on her own? Are you worried about the potential road safety issues she could run into? Do you worry whether she may get in to the habit of texting and driving that is sadly, but commonly so prevalent in teens?

If you are worried about your teen’s safety, it is quite normal to have a genuine concern for your child. Read on to know how you can encourage your teen to learn safe driving practices, especially about the serious consequences of teens texting while driving.

Texting And Driving – Dangerous And Shocking Statistics:

Before you try to tell your teen not to text while driving, try informing her about the statistics that show what texting while driving can lead up to. Here are some shocking statistics that talk about the dangers of using cell phone while driving: [1]

  • According to the reports of the National Safety Council, using a cell phone while driving causes about
    1.6 million crashes a year.
  • Almost 330,000 car injuries each year happen when the driver is texting while driving.
  • In the United States, texting while driving leads to 1 in every 4 car crash accidents.
  • Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to result in an accident than even drunk driving.
  • The minimum amount of time it takes to get in an accident is 5 seconds of distraction. It is easily caused while texting and driving.
  • Texting while driving increases the risk of a car accident by up to 23 times.
  • Almost 13% teens in the age group 18 to 20 who have been involved in any car crash have admitted that they were texting while driving.
  • Almost 34% teens admit that they regularly text while driving.
  • Almost 55% teens believe that it is easier to text while you are driving instead of speaking on the phone while you are driving.
  • While texting and driving, almost all teens spend about 10% of their total driving time driving outside their lane, which can pose a big risk.
  • At least 11 teens die each year due to accidents that happen as a result of texting and driving.

According to a news report, almost 41% teens who drive have admitted to texting regularly while driving.

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Why Do Most Teens Engage In Texting And Driving?

While the statistics are a glaring reality, it is also true that more and more teens are engaging in texting while they drive. Your teen is otherwise a good kid and may be fully aware of the fact that it is risky, but still does it over and over again. You may have had the talk with your teen, but what could be the reason that she still does not understand the dangers? Here are a few reasons behind teens texting while driving:

1. Being Overly Confident As A Driver:

As a teen, your kid is still a ‘new’ driver. It means that she is learning, and even if she has almost got full control over the wheel, she does not have the experience. This can also be one of the reasons causing your teen texting while driving.

  • Your teen may not realize the dangers that she can potentially get into. With the driving license in hand, she is sure of being a smart driver on the roads. Of course she may know that accidents happen, but talk to her and you will she is sure it will never happen to her.
  • Also, if your teen has been involved in a minor car accident earlier and got injured, she may get scared, but not deterred.