Top 10 Books To Read During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman reading a book

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Pregnancy is one of the eventful periods of a woman’s life. It is also a time for rest, relaxation and much needed reflection-call it the 3 R’s of pregnancy.

For relaxation, it is recommended that you spend a couple of minutes each day meditating in silence. Meditation helps not only you, but also your developing foetus to calm down and strengthen her growing and developing nervous system.

Pregnancy is also a good time to reflect on what to expect during these nine months. You may not be able to tell the first kick apart from gas, and whether the aches and pains you feel during pregnancy are normal changes your body is undergoing, or the hallmark of something serious.

But more so, it is of vital importance that you know what to expect after the nine months are up, and we don’t mean delivery. Once the baby is in your arms, along with the deep satisfaction of seeing your own child, there comes anxiety. But when you are armed with at least some knowledge of what to look forw

ard to after the baby makes its grand entrance, the anxiety is allayed to a big extent.

10 Books To Read During Pregnancy

Here is our gift of 10 book suggestions for you that are a great source of knowledge for all those baby blues days.

1. What to Expect when you are Expecting:

AuthorHeidi Murkoff

This book is considered one of the best pregnancy books to read during pregnancy. This book is almost a bible for all pregnant women and their husbands as well. It has a month-by-month account for all that special nine months, with clear descriptions of some common problems that you might face in each month. There is a wonderful chapter on labor and delivery and also what to expect with regards to husbands too! All in all, this can be your entire pregnancy staple. A must buy and must read for every mommy-to-be. It has been turned into a major Hollywood movie in 2012 as well!

2. What to Expect the First Year:

AuthorHeidi Murkof

Another book by Heidi, in the “What to Expect” series. This book efficiently chronicles the baby’s growing period from day 1 to the twelfth month. How do you know whether the baby just passed gas, or was actually smiling? More importantly, how to tell if your baby has colic? It covers all kinds of common ailments affecting babies and effective methods to overcome them. There are chapters even on how to burp the baby, how to hold a baby, and what to do whenever there are accidents. It tells you about the soft spots on the baby’s head, and when they close. Most parents wait until the baby is born to buy this book. But on personal recommendation, buy this book and read it front to back beforeyour baby arrives. Trust us; it will save you a lot of anxiety attacks.

3. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer:

AuthorTracy Hogg

This book is a little gem, a gift given to all parents-to-be by the ever-effervescent late Tracy Hogg. Tracy Hogg was a baby nurse, and one of her satisfied clients gave her this nickname to signify what she did. She used to talk baby language. She understood any baby’s cries on this planet. That’s because all babies speak in the same universal language – crying. In this book, she lets you in on her secret. She tells you first about how to know the basic personality of your baby. Is s/he an angel baby, textbook baby or grumpy baby? And then she tells you how to go about setting a routine for your baby. Not a rigid schedule, but a routine that the baby can expect. Life does become E.A.S.Y for you when you follow the E- Eat, A- Activity, S – Sleep, and Y- You routine. This one is a must read during pregnancy.

4. Happiest Baby on the Block:

Author –Dr. Harvey Carp

This is one book even the celebrities are buying to help calm their babies. Imagine this scenario. You are frazzled from a day of feeding, cleaning and no sleep. Come evening and the baby begins his little cough-like sounds that are a sure sign of the oncoming tsunami of emotions. The baby cries, and you watch helplessly not knowing what to do. You try a lot of home remedies and nothing works. Baby is still crying and you are at your wits’ end.

Well this book is your savior, for those days. It answers all your questions and tells you about the trick to calm your baby in a few minutes flat. So you crying-now baby easily turns into the sleeping-now baby. Babies do get more cranky by evening, and this book attempts to answer why this is so and how to overcome this problem. Buy it, read it and get yourself ready for the times!