24th Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

24th week pregnancy

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Smile Mommy, because you have every reason to smile! Your uterus is rising high and so are your hopes of soon holding your darling in your arms. Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful experiences you feel in your life and imagine how lucky it is to be a woman!

No matter whether you are having a planned pregnancy or not, you deserve to be happy and enjoy this special phase in your life. Like Patricia Heaton said, “A woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy also deserves to experience unplanned joy.”

Of course the wonderful experience can be challenging as well. With the physical, mental and emotional changes taking place in every nook and corner of your journey as a would be a mommy. Not to worry though, you are made tough enough to handle every challenge motherhood throws at you. You just need to hang on when things are not moving smoothly.

24 Weeks Pregnant:

Let us have a look at what are the new changes, your baby and body are going through at this stage.

Changes In Your Body:

The word change itself has become monotonous and boring as your pregnancy progresses. You have heard it so often, that you would not mind it not being mentioned anytime for you in your near future.

Adding to your woes, you cannot predict many of the changes that place in your body. All the psychological, physical and emotional changes differ from one woman to the next. So, do not worry at length about the negative changes your body may go through – like the stretch marks, itchiness of your belly, piles etc. because you could be the lucky one to escape them.

Though the round bump is a beautiful change which you love, some of the changes may not be so welcome. Pregnancy sure is a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs so brace yourself to face these challenges: Here are some of the main changes you will be seeing in your body during 24th week of pregnancy:

1. Pregnancy And Your Vision:

Not many women are aware about the changes that occur in their eyes and vision during pregnancy. It is not something which is discussed about like the morning sickness, because not many pregnant women notice the change.

  • During pregnancy, your eyesight is affected due to the physical and hormonal changes taking place in your body.
  • Water retention is a common feature of pregnancy, which affects the thickness and curvature of the cornea in your eyes.
  • It is nothing that you need to be bothered about, unless you find that your power glasses are not helping you much.
  • Dry eye is another problem you may face during your pregnancy. The dryness in your eyes may be accompanied with other 24 weeks pregnancy symptoms like irritation, excessive watering and grittiness.
  • Often the change is negligible and will correct itself once your baby is born.
  • Never opt for new contact or LASIK during your pregnancy.
  • If the change in your vision is bothering you, bring it to the notice of your healthcare provider. It could well be an indication of pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes as well.

2. Piles And Hemorrhoids:

Piles and hemorrhoids during pregnancy are one of the unwelcome changes which affect tone in ten women in the course of their pregnancy.

  • If you have experienced piles/hemorrhoids earlier you will experience a flare up during or after pregnancy, whereas if you haven’t experienced them before, you may have them for the first time.
  • They can occur when you are pushing your baby during your labor.
  • They can also occur when you may become constipated during breastfeeding due to loss of fluids.
  • Lack of enough fiber and fluids in your diet may lead to constipation which can increase the risk of you getting piles/hemorrhoids.
  • The pressure on the veins below your uterus by the growing baby is one of the main causes of piles/hemorrhoids.
  • The good thing here is that the problem of pregnancy piles/hemorrhoids often disappears on their own after childbirth.
  • Though in some cases, the problem persists for nearly a year it does not happen often.
  • The risk is only 1:40 that you may face some major problem due to pregnancy related piles/hemorrhoids.
  • If the piles/hemorrhoids are severe, you may see blood after you pass stools. Medical intervention may be required for pain and bleeding piles/hemorrhoids.

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