Is It Safe To Eat Paneer During Pregnancy?

Paneer During Pregnancy

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Is Paneer your favorite food? Are you craving to eat paneer during pregnancy? Is paneer safe for you to consume during pregnancy? If you are looking for the answers to your questions, look no further. Read our post and get the answers. Here we look at whether paneer is safe to eat during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Paneer For Pregnant Moms:

Before we look at whether paneer is safe to eat during pregnancy, let’s look at the benefits of paneer for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, you need an average of thousand milligrams of calcium every day for the healthy development of your baby’s bones and to strengthen your bones as well. Calcium not only fights bone issues but also ensures that the nervous and circulatory systems function properly. Paneer is a rich source of calcium and consuming it can ensure you get the required levels of calcium.

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Is Paneer Safe During Pregnancy?

The answer is quite straightforward. Yes, it is safe to eat

paneer when pregnant. Eating paneer during pregnancy does not lead to complications. However, the best person to tell you whether you can consume paneer while pregnant is your gynecologist.

Whenever you have a craving for snacks at odd times, you can always opt to eat dairy products like yogurt, hard cheese, and paneer over uncooked eggs or fish. Uncooked egg or fish or meat can be dangerous foods to consume during pregnancy, as they are rife with bacteria.

In conclusion, let us assure you that it is safe to eat paneer during pregnancy. However, there are a few conditions you need to follow.

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What Kind Of Paneer Should You Eat?

There are several varieties of paneer available, and paneer falls under the category of soft cheese products. Ensure that the paneer you eat is made using pasteurized milk.

Avoid Uncooked Or Raw Paneer:

As a paneer lover, an unattended chunk of paneer can tempt you. However, don’t eat raw or uncooked paneer in pregnancy. Even though the paneer you consume is pasteurized paneer, always remember to cook it before you eat. Raw paneer pasteurized or not, is prone to bacteria. Cooking raw paneer helps remove the uninvited bacterium in the paneer.

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When Should You Eat Paneer?

The best time to have paneer is snack time. As dairy products are calcium-rich, having paneer is a wise choice, and you should consider consuming milkshake or paneer to wash out food cravings. Consider having two to three snacks a day apart from the regular three meals during pregnancy. So, paneer can be your best companion in any one of the three snack times.

Paneer Savories:

One of the best ways to relish some paneer is by eating some palak paneer. Go Indian with this boiled spinach and paneer dish. The spinach will boost your digestion, and the fiber content will keep you fuller for longer. If you want to keep your tummy light, opt for low fat, pasteurized or cooked paneer recipes.

Paneer is a mouth-watering food. You can eat it with almost everything. Fried paneer as a topping on a vegetable crisp salad or cooked paneer with little spices, both sound like delightfully tasty ways to prepare paneer. As a pregnant mom, you may want to eat less spicy paneer during your special time to avoid heart burns. Though the spices in paneer aren’t going to harm your baby, it is better you remove such spices from your diet to reduce stomach upsets.

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Cast your worries aside and enjoy the creaminess of paneer during pregnancy. Do you know any paneer-based recipes for pregnant moms? Did you eat paneer during your pregnancy? Tell us about it here. Leave a comment below.

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