16th - Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

16th Week Pregnancy

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For nearly 5-6 weeks you were not even sure about your pregnancy; and finally when the news hit you, it came with tons of early pregnancy symptoms. Now that you can breathe easily, it will be a pleasant surprise for you to realize you are so well into your 16th week pregnancy. At this stage, you must have finished the MMS (Multiple Marker Screen) test to check out for abnormalities.

MMS measures alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) to see if the baby is growing properly in your womb. If the reports have any abnormality in the foetus, doctors will recommend more tests to rule out lingering doubts. Let us discuss more about the other tests you may have to undergo later.

16 Weeks Pregnant – Quickening:

You cannot believe that you are already into the 16th week of pregnancy. The highlight, if it happens in this week, would be your baby moving in your womb. The feeling could be one of the most exciting moments ever. Many women rate it above their first kiss or anything else they have eve

r experienced in their life.

When you feel the foetal movement for the first time, it is known as quickening; the name derived from the word quick, which means alive. This is the first natural sensation which you feel as though the baby is tapping inside you womb. It may also feel like the fluttering of butterfly, but these sensations eventually become stronger and more frequent in later stages of your 16 week pregnancy, when you may perceive it as though the baby is kicking the wall of your womb!

Many women fail to identify the quickening, thinking it must be hunger pangs or gas. It is not your abdominal muscles that feel the movement of the baby, but the muscles of your uterus; hence, your physical stature has no say in the matter. If this is not your first pregnancy, than it is easy for you to identify the movement of the baby. Some feel it as early as week 14.

If this is your first pregnancy, your gratification of feeling the little life moving inside you can be delayed for another week or two. Keep looking for it and you will soon know, how much it means to you to feel the baby’s first touch.

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Changes in Your Body:

At this stage, your body is producing nearly 50% more blood than it was producing earlier. This increased circulation of blood may cause pregnancy glow on your face. Part of it comes from the increased production of oil, by the hormones. Below are some more changes you will find at this time:

  • When you stand in front of the mirror to look for that elusive bump, the appearance and size of your breasts may catch your eye.
  • Your milk glands are already working and producing secretions, in addition to increased blood flow which makes the veins more prominent.
  • Your waistline is definitely expanding and stretching. You may have gained around 5- 10 lbs at week 16. 8 ½ ounces of the weight comes from your uterus itself.
  • The amount of amniotic fluid has increased to a great extent so that your baby remains safe and sound in your womb.
  • At Week, 16 you have around 7-8 ounces of amniotic fluid for your baby to swim in.

Start of the Weight Gain:

It is very difficult to find a woman who would happily accept weight gain, no matter what the reason is. During your pregnancy, you might feel uneasy to see your body accumulate pound after pound with each passing day. If you eat right by minimizing junk food and maximizing nutrient rich food that nourishes you and your baby, you can limitunnecessary weight gain without interfering with the development of your baby.

Just know the fact that weight gain during pregnancy (within the required amount) will mean that you and your baby are in good health. Accept your new shape and status with pride. Wear trendy maternity clothes and show off your bump. Lift that chin up girl!

Weaker Immunity:

You are having a weaker immune system during your pregnancy, which may lead to coughs, colds or even fever in you in more frequency than you would normally do. It is just a passing annoyance, which will not hurt your baby in anyway. But there are some other infections like genital herpes, rubella or chicken pox which can be dangerous to the growing baby. Care should be taken to practice healthy dietary and sanitary measures at this time.

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