Top 3 Precautions To Take During Pregnancy By 17 Experts

Precautions to Take During Pregnancy The most beautiful phase in a woman’s life is pregnancy. It is very important to take an extra care by women during pregnancy. All you need is to know the essential tips, ideas and remedies for a healthy and beautiful pregnancy. Keeping in thought about our avid readers, we have conducted an expert roundup to give the best tips. Here are the effective health care and beauty care tips during pregnancy, we received from the most renowned beauty experts, gynecologists, health and fitness experts.

1. Kim Griffiths:Kim Griffiths

1. Question your doctors. You are your own best advocate whether undergoing fertility treatment to conceive, routine care with an OB-GYN, or monitoring by a high risk pregnancy doctor. You have the right to be an integral part of your treatment team and to fully understand the what’s and why’s of your treatment.

2. Take the advice of your friends and family with a grain of salt. So your cousin had three glasses of wine during her pregnancy, fish every Friday, venti lattes each morning,

and everything turned out fine? Good for her. Talk to your doctor about food, alcohol, and caffeine concerns, then decide what feels right for you.

3. Educate yourself, but don’t believe everything Dr. Google has to say. The internet is chock full of information. Some of it is accurate; a lot of it is not. Find trusted resources and talk to other expectant moms. The pregnancy and parenting forums at FertileThoughts.com are a great place to start!

Kim Griffiths Web site: www.fertilethoughts.com

2. Dima L Mahasiri:Dima L Mahasiri

1. Pregnancy and your Skin:

Though some pregnant women are blessed with the so-called “glow of pregnancy”, some may not. Skin discoloration and acne (also called a pregnancy mask) can occur during pregnancy, causing mom-to-be to start looking for a skin care treatment.

Make sure to avoid the following skin care ingredients:

# Retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) known for smoothing wrinkles and preventing breakouts. Whether topical or oral, you should not take Retinoids during pregnancy since it may have toxic effects on the fetus.

# Salicylic Acid is an excellent acne treatment, but you should substitute it with safer acne treatments. Remember to ask your dermatologist first.

# Hydroquinone is another ingredient that you should avoid. Hydroquinone is found in hyper-pigmentation treatments and lighteners. It is always better to concentrate on prevention by using a sunblock with physical ingredients like zinc and titanium dioxide. If dark spots have already formed, try vitamin C creams and serums, which can brighten your skin naturally.

2. Pregnancy and Your Nails:

Nail art can be fun to do, but in case you are pregnant, you should avoid salons where there is a strong odor, and also avoid removers and nail polishes as they contain acetonitrile.

3. Pregnancy and Your Hair:

Thanks to estrogen, your hair grows thicker, and shinier. In case you need to dye your hair during pregnancy, make sure to wear gloves and dye your hair in a well-ventilated room. You may try highlighting or streaking which involves less contact with the scalp, thus less risk.

Looking after your beauty during pregnancy is recommended, but you should keep in mind that consulting your doctor is a must.

Dima L Mahasiri Website: www.tipsfornaturalbeauty.com

3. Heather Flett:Heather Flett

1. There’s no way to be a perfect mom, but there are many ways to be a perfectly good one. Treat yourself as you would for a good friend.

2. Take time for yourself and your adult relationships. Remember your friends. Your partner and your besties will be a lifeline.

3. Stock your freezer with healthy meals.

Heather Flett Website: www.rookiemoms.com

4. Rachel Southern:Rachel Southern

1. Always check the packaging before taking medication. There’s an awful lot of tablets/medicine that seem relatively harmless, but can be quite dangerous if taken during pregnancy.

2. If you’re planning a holiday, check with the individual airline regarding what their policy is regarding up to how many weeks pregnant they will agree to fly you. And check with your doctor beforehand too.

3. You are not ‘eating for two’. You’re eating for yourself and for your tiny baby. Small healthy portions consumed frequently during the day will leave you feeling much better than binging on cake (and your post-pregnancy body will thank you for it too).

Rachel Southern Website: www.threeyearsandonestonethenhome.com