15th Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

15th Week Pregnancy

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Your uterus is now pushing up towards the diaphragm, which does not leave much room for the lungs to expand completely. This in turn makes you breathless at times. The storm of the early symptoms of pregnancy is subsiding and you do not feel like an emotional or physical wreck anymore. From now on, the changes in your gait will begin to take place which by third trimester will develop into the waddle unique to pregnancy.

All of a sudden you and your partner may wonder about future and feel a bit stressed out about the changes in your life. Though the news of pregnancy has reached you a few weeks ago, you both were busy dealing with the symptoms of early pregnancy. Now that the storm has abated, you have plenty of energy and time to worry about petty things and get stressed out. Do not worry much, this too shall pass!

Changes in Your Body:

Do not expect any dramatic changes in your body during 15th week of pregnancy. Everything now will happen at a pace that you will hard

ly notice any change. You may have gained a couple of kilos in weight; hence, your belly would be showing off a bigger pout now. Some of the 15 weeks pregnant symptoms may pay you a surprise visit now and then, but it is not a big deal. Some continuing signs and symptoms when you are 15 weeks pregnant are:

  • You may continue to have the sharp abdominal pains as the ligaments supporting your uterus stretch to their limits.
  • The ability of your body to fight infections comes down during pregnancy. With lower immunity, you could go through coughs and colds more often, than under normal conditions.
  • Rhinitis of pregnancy causes nasal congestion will seems like a cold infection. This is due to the increased blood flow to your mucous membranes.
  • The increased blood volume and blood vessel expansion in the nose causes nasal bleeding in some expectant mothers. Practice relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing which will help to sail smoothly through your pregnancy and also during labor and childbirth.

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From Your Mouth into Your Baby’s Body:

Meal times become happy times once again for you. Try different types of nutritious food; knowing that your baby gets to taste the food you eat through the amniotic fluid should help you in this adventure. By consuming food with different flavors, you will be in fact priming the taste buds of your baby. The more variety of food you consume now, the more adjusted your baby will be to accept different flavors after birth.

That fact does come with a cautionary tip – take care of what you put into your mouth during your 15 week pregnancy. Tobacco, caffeine, medicines and alcohol have their negative effects on your baby, whereas a wide range of nutritious food will have positive effect on her physical and cognitive development.

Wrist Pain in Hands:

Doctors have not been able to pin point what causes wrist or hand pain in pregnant women. The hormones, apparently, are to blame! But the pain can also occur as you retain more fluids at this time, which may compress and entrap the nerves in the wrist. Not all women go through this symptom; and out of those who do, only some may need some surgical treatment to set it right. Make sure you don’t do any activities that put too much pressure on the wrist or hand.

Sleeping Positions:

Want to know about right sleeping positions during 15th week of pregnancy? Bad news for those who love lying on their tummies – the belly will get in your way now, or in the coming weeks. If you sleep on your back, your growing uterus will compress the vessels, which hinders free flow of the blood. The result can be nausea, fainting spells and more dangerously reduce in flow of blood to your uterus, hampering the baby’s progress.

Even if you have so far been a heavy sleeper, things are going to change. Sleep may evade you as you try to find yourself in a comfortable position. You may have to prop up few pillows, find a new comfortable position and relax before you can get some sleep. Sleeping on your side will carry the blood to the pancreas and back to the heart through the great vessels known vena cava and aorta without hindrance.

The ideal solution is to sleep on your left side, because it is considered to be good for your baby. Sleeping on the left will improve the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta, thus bringing more nourishment to your baby. This sleeping position is also known to help your kidneys get rid of waste products and fluids from your body which will prevent edema in future.

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