10 Printable Broccoli Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

Broccoli Coloring Page - Bonanza BroccoliBroccoli Coloring Page - Broccoli In His FarmBroccoli Coloring Page - Broccoli RaabBroccoli Coloring Page - Good For HeartBroccoli Coloring Page - Heading BroccoliBroccoli Coloring Page - Large Headed BroccoliBroccoli Coloring Page - Romanesco BroccoliBroccoli Coloring Page - Smiling BroccoliBroccoli Coloring Page - Sprouting BroccoliBroccoli Coloring Page - The Broccoli Is Green

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Is your child interested in gardening? Are thinking of planting broccoli with your child this summer, but want to explain more about the vegetable to him? Then why don’t you use our broccoli coloring pages?

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables found on earth. When people hear about broccoli, they think about a standard broccoli head found in the supermarkets. But not many know that there are several varieties of broccoli grown commercially. Today, we are going to teach your child about the different varieties of the vegetable through our broccoli coloring pages. So have a look. It just cannot get more interesting for him.

Top 10 Broccoli Coloring Pages Your Child Would Love:

1. Large Headed Broccoli:

Here’s a coloring ima

ge of large headed broccoli. The large-headed broccoli is more of a specialty vegetable. You will find it mainly in some grocery stores and upscale restaurants. Its big head needs plenty of space to grow properly. Planting too much of this type of broccoli in a small space can reduce its head size.

2. Romanesco Broccoli:

Here is a coloring sheet of a Romanesco broccoli. These broccolis produce spiraled heads and have a crunch of cauliflower. The large, upright plant requires room, regular water, fertile soil and high temperature to grow well.

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3. Sprouting Broccoli:

The sprouting broccolis have small, tender heads. Farmers cut them often to encourage steady production. They grow best from midsummer to fall in most of the climates. They also grow well from fall to spring in regions where winters are mild.

4. Broccoli Raab:

Broccoli Raab is one of the fastest-growing varieties of broccoli. It is ideal for plantation in cool weather. The vigorous plants can produce broccoli continuously for weeks. The leaves and stems of broccoli raab are as tender and edible as the buds.

5. The Broccoli Is Green:

Here is a coloring sheet that will reinforce color recognition and handwriting skills in your child. The coloring page requires children to trace the sentence “THE BROCCOLI IS GREEN” and then practice writing the sentence on their own. Then make your child color the diagram green, not any other color.

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6. Broccoli In His Farm:

The cute coloring page features a broccoli welcoming people to his farm. This coloring sheet is a great way to teach your child about farming. Tell him what kind of soil and climate broccoli plants needs to grow well. You can also teach him more about agriculture and the importance of farmers our society as he colors.

7. Good For Heart:

Here is a meaningful Broccoli coloring sheet. It implies how broccoli can benefit the heart. Several studies prove that broccoli can promote a strong and healthy heart. Sulforaphane found in broccoli can prevent the inflammation of the arterial areas, protecting the body from heart diseases.

8. Smiling Broccoli:

The cute broccoli is all smiles. This delightful coloring page will bring a smile to your child’s face too. He can use any color he likes. Did you know that broccoli belongs to the family of kale, cabbage and Brussels sprout?

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9. Bonanza Broccoli:

This variety of broccoli has large heads. Its head averages 9 inches in diameter. The bonanza broccoli gets ready in just 55 days, which is quite fast for a broccoli. It has a delicious, mild flavor and goes well with most of the dishes. They are easy to freeze too.

10. Heading Broccoli:

The heading broccoli is the most common variety of broccoli grown in the backyards. It gets its name from its appearance. It resembles a cauliflower. The heading broccoli forms a large head without sprouting the florets. It requires plenty of space and high temperatures to grow.

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We hope that you and your child enjoy this exciting gardening session. If you have any suggestion or queries, then please let us know.

Does your child like broccoli? Did he love these broccoli pictures to color? Please tell us about it by commenting below.