22nd Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

22nd week pregnancy

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So mommy, right now you are in your 22nd week, roughly the midpoint of your pregnancy. You have come a long way since those first few weeks! The tiny cell now has a heart, brain, digestive system, excretory system and a face to express its emotions.

22 Weeks Pregnant:

Your pregnancy now feels more real as you feel your baby kicking around inside you. With so much going on, it is natural for you to feel some short-term memory loss. You may also feel difficulty in your ability to concentrate on the task at hand and may feel that you are not being up to the mark most of the time.

There is no need to panic, as this is simply pregnancy amnesia, and is a natural occurrence during those special months. Studies have shown that verbal and memory deficits are common during pregnancy, though the problems may differ from person to person.

These months will see some major changes happening within you, as well as on your body and mind. All of this is natural, and unless you are uncomf

ortable or really feel something is wrong, there is no need to worry.

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Changes In Your Body:

There is not going to be any dramatic change in your body in a week’s time as the growth takes place slowly and steadily throughout your remaining pregnancy term.

  • For the time being you are not so large that your bump will make you inactive or too tired. This may begin to happen when you enter your third trimester.
  • On an average you will be adding nearly 225 gm to your weight every week. Your increased appetite will help in the process.

Here are some of the main changes you will be seeing in your body during 22nd week of pregnancy:

1. Vaginal Discharge:

You may become more sensitive and wet in your nether regions during your pregnancy.

  • This is one of the reasons why some pregnant women enjoy sex more during their pregnancy, especially during the second trimester when they are not too large.
  • During pregnancy, there is increase in the blood flow to the vaginal region. This makes it function more effectively and increases the vaginal discharge as well.
  • With your mojo on the rise, you may be throwing some surprises at your partner more than ever.

2. Breathless:

Your uterus will push towards a space occupying an inch above your belly button and will continue to do so until you are week 26.

  • This may leave you breathless as you cannot fully expand your lungs. This makes you tired and less enthusiastic for activities. It may also lead to backaches.
  • As your uterus grows more, your ribcage will move upwards to give space for your baby to grow comfortably. The bottom ribs will also adjust sideways making more room for your uterus fit in comfortably. Once the changes are complete, you may be able to breathe more freely.

3. Water Retention:

You may notice swelling and water retention in your feet when you stand for a while. It may get painful as well.

  • The reason for the swollen feet is the extra fluids your body makes during pregnancy.
  • Due to natural forces of gravity, all the extra fluids end up in your feet when you stand.
  • Put up your feet as often as possible so that you can prevent the swelling.
  • Another reason for this could be the secretion of the hormone Relaxin which allows the bones of your feet to loosen and spread out.
  • Even though your swelling may go away after childbirth, the growth of feet may become permanent.

4. Digestive System:

You may not be relaxed with all the changes taking place in your body, but your digestive system definitely is. Hence you will see the continuation of indigestion, constipation and heartburn drama through the second trimester as well.

  • This is the time when you have to pay extra attention to your diet since the pregnancy hormone progesterone has loosened the digestive tract.
  • The real target of the hormone was the ligaments in the pelvis region, which would hinder the growth of your uterus.
  • The hormone generally relaxes your digestive tract as well, which is difficult for you especially if you have a craving for some heavy food.
  • This is one of the main reasons why pregnant women end up with hemorrhoids.
  • By taking in plenty of water and fibrous food, you can control the problem to a great extent.

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