14th Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

14th Week Pregnancy

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You try to wear your perfect jeans and find out that you cannot button it anymore. Oh, the joy that flows through your being! Finally, the little bump is here. No matter how much you peer into the mirror, you can never get enough of that cute little pout your belly is making. For many, that bump could be just invisible, but you can feel it and see it. Nobody knows your body like you do. You may be happy by the way your breasts appear; which could be another reason why you are attracted to the mirror.

Though on the outside it appears to be a tiny bump, inside your body, the ligaments and muscles are stretching painfully so that your growing baby will have enough room. Wear clothes that will not hinder this in anyway. Things have eased up a bit with your body adjusting to the changes in the past weeks. Your energy will make a comeback, with the nausea and vomiting getting to the backstage. If you are still feeling queasy and tired, just wait for a little longer. You may be o

ne those women who need some more time to get out of the early pregnancy symptoms. Every woman is unique and will take her own time for the changes to take place in her body.

Changes in Your Body:

Your uterus has filled your pelvic region and is now expanding into your abdomen. This will create a tiny bump on your tummy, which you have been waiting to see. This is the ultimate proof of your baby growing in the comfort of your womb.

All those attacking symptoms of early pregnancy are on retreat march finally. Sooner or later you will get rid of them. But then there are new, though less troublesome ones making their appearance this week.

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Signs:

  • Abdominal aches due to expanding uterus. Though your body is prepared for the changes it undergoes during pregnancy and children, you do have to suffer aches and pains as a part of pregnancy. Let us not even talk about the labour pain yet. All is forgotten once you hear the baby cry. The ligaments surrounding the uterus do not expand that easily. All the stretching and expanding will cause pain in your abdomen.
  • The baby is growing in your tummy, how could it affect your eyes? But it does. If you are one of those women who wear contact lenses, then you would see that they do not fit you right now. Pregnancy changes the shape of your eyes and also reduces the production of tears. The easy way out is to go back to your glasses if you have prescription contact lenses or give out on style if you wear contact lenses for aesthetic purpose.
  • Where are those keys? Was the doctor’s appointment yesterday or is it tomorrow? Why are you going to the doctor anyway? If these are the thoughts floating through your mind, don’t worry. You are not losing your mind, but you are going through what is known in common terms as ‘pregnancy fog’. The condition may worsen during the third trimester when the volume of brain cells decreases considerably. The condition corrects itself after childbirth. For now, just take precautions just like a forgetful person would do. Make lists, put down notes and switch on alarms and reminders.
  • The hunger pangs torment you now that the nausea has subsided. No more turning away from food or throwing up at the sight of them. You may in fact start eating more than you were before being pregnant. The accelerating growth of your baby, which is zooming away like F1 race car, makes you hungrier than ever. Keep healthy fruits and snacks stacked in the pantry and refrigerator so that you can munch on something healthy whenever the hunger pangs attack you.
  • Celebrate the return of your energy by starting on your exercises, the ones that you have been procrastinating doing, due to the extreme fatigue in first trimester. Take walks, swim, or start on yoga which is very good for both you and your baby.
  • If you suddenly see a crown of glory on top of your head, do not be surprised. Thicker and shinier hair is one of the beneficial symptoms of 14 weeks pregnancy you may notice. If you are the beneficiary, just leave it down and enjoy while it lasts.