Top 10 Onion Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

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Does your child loathe eating onions? Do you want to teach him about the benefits of onion in a fun and educative way? Then why don’t you give him some of our onion coloring pages?

Onion is the sixth world’s leading vegetable crops and is an indispensable part of the kitchen. These alliums add a baseline of the earthy and sweet flavor to the dishes. Besides adding flavor to the food, onion also contains quercetin, a flavonoid that helps slow the oxidative damage to the cells and the tissues of the body.

But, we bet you didn’t know that there are more than twenty types of onions found in the world?! So, here we include all the major types of onion found across the world. Have a look!

Top 10 Onion Coloring Pages For Your Little One:

1. O For Onion:

Here is a simple way to reinforce alphabets in your child. The coloring sheet features the upper and lower case O along with the image of an onion. Tell him to trace the word and then go ahead and color it. The coloring sheet will surely get your child excited about learning.

2. Red Onion:

Here is a neat red onion coloring page. Red onions are spicier and more pungent than white onions. They bring out the brightness and the crunchiness. Red onions are common in Asian countries and are available all year round. The sharpness of the onion intensifies during the winter.

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3. White Onion:

White onions are similar to yellow onions but are sweeter in flavor. These onions are so mild in flavor that you can even eat it raw. But white onions do not store as well as the yellow onions. The yellow onions are available throughout the year and taste the same throughout the season.

4. Cipollini Onion:

Cipollini is a disc shaped onion available in the United States. There was a time when cipollini onions were just for the world of fancy restaurants and gourmet stores, but they are now available widely in supermarkets. These onions have a high sugar content so are used mainly for caramelizing.

5. Spring Onions:

Spring onions are similar to scallions in flavor and appearance but are entirely different. The farmer pulls out the onion out of the ground when they are still thin-skinned. Just like scallions, even spring onions have a white bottom, dark green top with a bulb at the body. The spring onions taste spicy when eaten raw.

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6. Shallots:

Shallots are imperative to Asian cuisine. Chefs grind them into curry paste or deep fry them to serve with burgers. Shallots also feature in classic French sauces, such as mignonette. These onions are milder than red onions and more assertive than the white onions.

7. Leeks:

Leeks look like jumbo scallions but are quite different. They have a tender and sweet white portion and woody dark green tops. Leeks are extremely mild with a distinct sweetness. Leeks mainly feature in a stew, soups, and stock.

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8. Scallions:

Scallion is one of the most versatile onions around. They are thin, long and not thicker than a finger. A scallion has a bright white bottom and dark green top. It is sweet, mild, crunchy and juicy, all at the same time. Asians use the onion generously.

9. Yellow Onions:

Yellow onions are an American favorite. More than 90% of onions grown in the United States are yellow in color. Their mild flavor makes them a versatile addition to the kitchen. Yellow onions range in size of a golf ball to a softball. It has yellow flesh and off-white, papery skin.

10. Sad Vidalia:

Why is this Vidalia onion so sad? What could be the reason behind his sadness? Only the child coloring the image could tell you that. Vidalia is the registered name of the sweet, yellow onion grown around the town of Vidalia. Vidalia is the mildest in the whole of onion kingdom. It is extremely low in pyruvic acid, which makes the eyes teary.

With a little imagination, your kid can create masterpieces with the above. They are simple onion pictures to color. So encourage your child to use unusual colors for these diagrams.

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