19th Week Pregnancy – Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes


You are almost near the big milestone. If you strain your neck a bit you may as well see the board which says, “You are halfway through your pregnancy”. By now most of your doubts, fears and adjustment problems have been answered and you are now ready to happily enjoy your pregnancy. So far you felt the changes taking place in your body; now it is time for you to see them more clearly.

There is no denying that cute bump anymore! But until you wish to there is no way the world can see it. Many women camouflage their bump until they are in their late pregnancies. First time mommies find it very easy to hide their bumps than the women who have already given birth. The bump varies from woman to woman. Some pregnant women find it very difficult to hide their bump whereas others find it difficult to show at this stage.

Changes in Your Body:

You are still sailing on the honeymoon period of your pregnancy. You may find yourself a bit clumsy with your changing shape and shift in the center of gravit

y. Not to worry. You can hang in there and maintain your balance. There are times when you need to be graceful, but pregnancy is the time when you accept the wobbliness with pride. Be alert with the ‘falls’ though. It can be dangerous for you and your baby. The change in your posture will also lead to backaches.

Your uterus has reached up to navel. No more hourglass figure for you, but don’t worry you can always get it back with a little effort after childbirth.

Let us take a look at other changes your body when 19 weeks pregnant.

1. Round Ligament Pain:

You may experience sharp pain in your abdominal or hip area either on one side or both at times. This is nothing but the round ligament pain which is normal during pregnancy. The muscles bands holding your uterus do not give in easily, causing the pain due to the pressure of the baby growing inside.

2. Fatigue and Breathlessness:

Being breathless or tired is nothing new to you anymore. Your circulatory system will be overworked, and has to pump blood not only through your body but also to the baby through the umbilical cord. This is one prime reason for the fatigue. Keep an eye on your diet to tackle this problem head-on. You need to get enough amount of Vitamin C and Iron which is very essential for the growth of your baby and your own health as well.

Well, you hear about the super foods that can meet all your dietary requirements, but the concept of ‘superfood’, like superman is purely fictional. For proper nourishment you need to combine foods that are rich in different nutrients. There are no shortcuts when it comes to eating healthy.

Go green during your pregnancy. A hearty meal which has sufficient amounts of green leafy vegetables provides your body with many nutrients like fiber, calcium, and folate in addition to both iron and vitamin C. Red meat, fresh fruits, lentils and cereals are a must in your diet during your pregnancy.

3. Constant Heartburn:

Heartburn will look like an eternal thing by now, never leaving your side. Your stomach which has always been touchy becomes more sensitive as though it is going through the PMS that you now miss. On a serious note, it is affected by the new pregnancy hormones secreted in your body as well as relaxation of the valve closing the gap between the stomach and food pipe. Every meal, irrespective of its portion will now cause the dreaded burning sensation in your chest. Do not opt for any remedies before consulting your healthcare provider for safety. A glass of plain cold milk is considered to be safe and soothing for heartburn.

4. Feeling Sticky and Sweaty:

Most of the pregnant women end up arguing about the speed or the fan or temperature of AC with their partners, since their inner body temperature is higher during this period. You may need cooler conditions and clothes to deal with the discomfort caused by the increase in temperature.