8 Best Pain Management Techniques During Labor

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The pain of labor and delivery is probably the fact that scares most women during pregnancy! Many women have ruined the joy of their beautiful journey by dreading about the delivery pain. You may be facing the same concern now, especially if you are a first time mom and your due date is approaching.

Do not worry. Delivery pain is normal and today, many pain management techniques are available. Here we’ve put down some of the best ones for you mommy!

Top 8 Pain Management Techniques During Labor:

Handling pain during labor isn’t that difficult. Some simple & natural labor pain management techniques have proved to be extremely effective in helping women pass through the different stages of childbirth and have a normal delivery.

Check out some good techniques listed below.

1. Soaking In A Tub:

Soaking in a tub of warm water is also thought to bring about relief during contractions.

  • This is a technique that’s catching on fast in the West.
  • In fact, water births are thought to
    be a good environment for women who are giving birth for the first time.

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2. Breathing Exercises:

Breathing exercises are some of the best tried and techniques known to relieve pain associated with childbirth.

  • Deep breaths can give you the energy to bear contractions and can also help the labor progress faster.
  • You can also check out some simple breathing exercises on the internet to get an idea about which of them could help you manage pain better during your different stages of labor.

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3. Rocking:

Just like walking, rocking is also thought to help relieve pain during contractions.

  • It keeps you a bit distracted and occupied, which shifts your focus away from the pain.
  • Some midwives also suggest a sturdy swing, on which you can lie down and be rocked.

4. Massage:

Don’t underestimate the power of a good massage – it can literally work wonders in relaxing sore muscles and reliving pain.

  • Use a simple heating pad or a handheld massager to massage areas of the back and the legs.
  • You can also get help from your partner and get yourself massaged with a soothing lotion while you give birth.

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5. Position Changing:

A simple act of changing positions during the process of childbirth is thought to provide relief.

  • If you are lying down, try a half-sit up position.
  • You could also try squatting, kneeling down or moving around as per your midwife/doctor’s advice and the stage of childbirth you may have progressed into.

6. Visualization:

You may find it surprising at how effective visualizations can be in calming you down during labor.

  • Think about a place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed – it can be a beach, a waterfall or any other place you feel cozy.
  • This will help you get through the contractions easily, and will also lessen the intensity of pain you may be feeling during it all.

7. Music:

Music is yet another effective technique to handle pain during labor, especially if you are one of those who experiences relief after listening to a few of your favourite tunes.

  • You may find a lot of pre-made pregnancy playlists on the internet, or you can also create one yourself.
  • Before you know it, you’ll be gliding through each stage of labor easily enjoying your favourite music.

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8. The Bradley Method:

This method is yet another powerful technique to stay motivated during childbirth and give birth normally.

  • The Bradley method has over 90 percent success rate and is basically an approach to help women and their husbands stay prepared for the process of childbirth way before the actual due date.
  • If you’re someone who likes to stay natural and are looking to stay away from all forms of interventions during your labor, this may be just right for you.

We hope this article has eased your mind about delivery pain. Take all the support you need from your physician and nurse, and stay as comfortable as possible. Relax and know that after just a little more effort, you’ll be done with the toughest part of pregnancy, and will be holding your own baby in your arms.

Share your thoughts on these pain management techniques during labor, in the section below!

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