First Period After Cesarean - Everything You Need To Know

first period after cesarean

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You have given birth to a beautiful baby. Isn’t this a miraculous period as you have brought a new life to the earth? Indeed it is.

You may keep aside your concern of balancing your routine with your baby, as you will manage this with time. There would be a lot of questions running through your mind about your body shifts.

One such query may be about the return of period after cesarean delivery. Here is all you want to know.

When Does A Mother Starts Her Periods After Cesarean Delivery?

After cesarean, a woman will have her first regular period after about 45 days of delivery.

  • For breastfeeding women, it may take a long time.
  • If you bottle feed your baby and avoid breastfeeding, then your menstruation will get back within 12 weeks of delivery. This was found in nearly 70 percent of cases.

As hormones play an important role in return of menstrual period after C section, here are few things about them:

  • The levels of hormones – estrogen, progesterone and hCG (Human Ch
    orionic Gonadotropin) – drop after delivery. But, the amount of prolactin decreases only if you do not breastfeed your baby.
  • If you exclusively breastfeed your baby, then your prolactin level will remain high and will also prevent ovulation for around 6 months.

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About Post Cesarean Bleeding:

You might get confused with post-natal discharge of blood or lochia for 4 to 6 weeks.

  • This heavy bleeding will become less copious and lighter in color with time, probably in about two weeks.
  • Lochia is bright red for the first three days after delivery. Gradually the color changes to pink, and then to yellow- white after ten days of delivery.
  • You might experience heavy bleeding and more spotting if you have a cesarean due to the repair of the uterine wall and surgical incisions.
  • When your menstruation resumes, initially it will differ in color, odor, regularity and amount.

Over the time, your menstruation will become regular. If, in a case, your period does not return to a normal state in a few months, then you must consult your gynecologist.

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Factors Affecting Menstruation After Delivery:

Here are the factors that affect periods after cesarean delivery:

  • Factors like weight gain, weight loss, stress and other health issues like thyroid can delay the period or can make it more irregular.
  • Some women find problem in getting back to their physical activities after caesarean. This can also affect their menstruation.
  • Few women who do not take proper rest and get over-exerted can also face heavier bleeding than normal.
  • To avoid the risk of infection, you must use sanitary pads instead of tampons during the post-natal bleeding.

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When To Seek Doctor’s Advice?

You must visit your doctor if:

  • You have increased bleeding and soaking more than one sanitary pad in an hour.
  • Your bleeding lasts more than one month or if you have heavy periods.
  • Your incisions have swelling, redness and pus coming out of it as it indicates infection.
  • You have odorous discharge from vagina.
  • Sudden urge to urinate lasts for more than one week after delivery.
  • You have a problem in sleeping well or sleeping more than normal.
  • You have a problem in eating normally or eating more than usual.


  • It should be remembered that breastfeeding will delay return of periods, but it does not mean that you cannot get pregnant. You can still get pregnant, as breastfeeding is not foolproof birth control method. You must use contraceptives to prevent it.
  • There can be mood changes after delivery, which is called ‘post-partum depression’, so there would be a feeling of nervousness, tiredness due to hormonal changes. You should not be worrying about such issues as these are quite natural.

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If you want to share your feelings of baby blues and post-natal bleeding issues with our other readers, please write in the comment sections below.

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