5 Learning Activities For Your 7 Month Old Baby

7 Months Baby Activities

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So your baby is now past the first six months! This can be one of the most fun times to spend with your little one, and also one where you constantly need to be on your toes!

Bringing up your little one to understand and comprehend the basics of eating, recognizing sounds, teaching them that the house around is not edible (always!) are some of the most crucial requirements at the delicate age of 7 months.

At this age, you should keep a persistent check on all the sensory receptors of your little one.

7 Months Baby Activities:

Here are a few activities for 7 months old baby that you can try easily. These will help your little one develop the various motor and sensory skills while being completely safe:

1. Sounds:

At this age, it is difficult to understand or comprehend the incoherent baby language. You might not even be sure if your baby can differentiate between the sounds you make. Choosing the right kind of music at such an early stage will equip you to comprehend w

hat your little one would like to hear.

  • Put on some music taking care that the volume is moderate. Observe if your little one gets irritated or is captivated by the sounds.
  • This will help your little one develop the understanding to differentiate between sounds eventually.
  • To help your little one understand the sounds around, set him down and make different sounds from different areas and angles. Observe his responses. Avoid loud sounds, as they may scare him.
  • Play soothing music without any vocals to see if he responds to them with like or dislike.
  • Try playing home videos to attract his attention. See if he can recognize his mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or other familiar faces or objects. Point them out and help him see them clearly.

Remember, this is not an examination for your little one, but an activity to engage his attention along with some memory tests. Recognizing your face or that of a sibling will be a major achievement. So make sure you encourage him.

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2. New Words:

A 7 month old cannot be expected to speak as fluently as you. But with due practice he might make up a new word to imitate you.

Here is one such game that will interest him and help develop his recognition capabilities:

  • Show him your family albums as you pronounce the names of people in it.
  • Repeat this procedure every day.
  • In some days, he will surely make a new nickname for the same people to imitate you.
  • This increases your baby’s memory and recognition power.
  • Reading story books to a 7 month old will enable him to form a strong vocabulary and get him interested in trying to speak.
  • Use picture books or magazines to point at and tell your own stories.

Remember these activities of 7 months old baby will encourage them to speak or make gestures that shows they recognizes things.

3. Incessant Piggybacks As A Reward:

By the age of 7 months, your baby will start to pick up things from the floor and chew on them. This is part of their early ‘teething’ mechanism that is similar to the fetal hiccups in some babies.

  • Reward your little one with piggyback rides when he drops an item that you’ve asked him to drop.
  • This will help him understand that piggyback ride is good, so throwing things taken from the floor is also good.

Ensure that you always keep the utensils in your home clean.

4. Sign Language:

Your baby will not suddenly start telling the alphabet or responding to your questions. Language acquisition is a process that happens slowly, over time, together with gestures, signs and sounds co-coordinating into the cognitive system of the brain.

  • For your 7 month old baby, sign may be the only option to communicate, apart from the basic visual and sound receptions.
  • Teach your baby easy signs to refer to simple things like eating, drinking, talking or dancing.

Keep repeating the same and add sophistication to the gestures to improve their cognition and imitation capabilities.

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5. Talk to Your Baby All The Time:

Your baby has a very keen ear and is very observant at this age. This learning ability can be further tapped into if you imitate the sounds your baby makes and slowly make it sound like the language you speak.

  • Make the sounds your baby makes and tone it with proper gestures to teach him ways to interact with you.
  • Alternatively, talk slowly to him while doing your work. He might not understand it, so do it regularly to induce the listening ability.
  • When you do the same action accompanied by the same words every day, it will help your baby to make the connection. Your baby will learn to imitate and finally say the key words with the right pronunciations.

These growing months of your baby are some of the most crucial in terms of learning and developmental milestones.

Be there to constantly monitor your baby and talk to him as much as you can. Playing and communicating with your baby will help create a strong base for the education and learning that will soon follow.

We would like to know if you have more ideas for 7 months baby activities, share them with us.

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