10 Best Ways To Boost Your Kid’s Confidence


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Being a parent, your eventual goal is definitely to get your kid ready and gear up to survive in this world. Your values and teachings which you shall impart to your child for the long run will emerge out to be his assets in each and every aspect of his life. But the primary key which he must own or possess to make the optimum use of these assets is -confidence.

Top 10 Ways to Boost Confidence in Kids:

You must work upon your child’s confidence in every way possible as confidence is what will take your kid further. Here are the top ten tips to boost confidence in your kid in the easiest way possible and that too at early stages of life so that it strengthens with time.

1. Identify – Pluses and Minuses:

Want to know how to boost kids confidence? Your prime focus for your child shall be to identify his strengths and most importantly his weaknesses. Encourage and boost him to work upon his strengths and add up to them. Think about enrolling him in activity workshops which w

ill improve his strengths, but make sure you don’t overburden him!

2. Motivate In Failure:

If your child is not so good in academics, but in sports, try not to discourage. You should assure him that he can excel the same in studies, as he does in sports. This will help him to get confident about his capabilities and will motivate him to work further.

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3. Debar From Excessive Restrictions:

Let your child have a sense of freedom to do whatever he feels like, be it a game or an extra activity. This would create a feeling of independence and self confidence in him that he too can choose what he feels like. With time he will become confident to take his decisions and understand what is good or bad for him.

4. Allow Freedom to Experiment:

Your child should have the freedom to try new things and learn from her mistakes; it is important to know the art of getting up, no matter how many times one falls! Also, persuade her to try new things like cooking, cycling, etc., and then take a step back to let him try on his own. Your constant presence and guidance will inculcate a lot of confidence in your child.

5. Do Not Pressurize:

Studies show that one of the major reason prevailing behind an unsure and low-confident youth is the pressure thrust upon him by his parents. Don’t force your ideologies upon your child; instead comfort him with his choices. Being the parents you can always tell your child the right and the wrong of each aspect, but it’s better to let him select what is good for him.

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6. Enhance Communication Skills:

In today’s world a person with good communication skills is believed to be better off than someone who is articulate. Help your child to develop a fearless attitude in public speaking or else enroll her in co-curricular activities such as acting, theater workshops, etc. You can also take initiative by gathering a group of her friends and organize such activities at home.

7. Stop Comparing and Start Respecting:

Never compare your child’s efforts and success of with other children or siblings as well. “He scored better than you”, “Your brother was top ranker”, “Your best friend is so good at sports, yet you hate sports”, “Why couldn’t you be like him?”, etc., avoid such statements. Appreciate what your child has done and what he is capable of. By doing this you are making him stay and also closer to you.

8. Walk with Him Till The End:

A parent’s duty never stops mid-way. Encourage your child to start new things and if he fails or gets discouraged, urge him to complete what he started. This would make him realize the taste of finishing a task and instill in him a sense of duty and confidence to finish up things. Stay with him till the end as an abstract support and always be there for him emotionally, if not always physically.

9. Believe In Your Child:

As parents, it is vital to let your child know that you will stand by him, whatever the situation is. Your child may push himself to explore something new, of course, in a good way, without the fear of failure only when he is assured of your support. This would instill in his sense of courage and will motivate to do things more fearlessly.

10. The Path of Spirituality:

Many a times when things go messy, a dependence on a ‘supreme power’ might help your child to get motivation from within. Make him believe that whatsoever happens, the almighty is watching over him and guiding him. Make sure he doesn’t take this guidance as granted or else he might restrict himself from performing.

Parenting your child to become responsible and a confident is an ongoing process. It’s a joy to see your child grow. But it is a fulfillment to see him grow with confidence. Good luck on parenting!

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