7 Simple Steps To Develop Healthy Eating Habits In Children

Healthy Eating Habits In Children

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It is no surprise that one of the challenges that parents come up with when their child grows up is to feed him/her right, so that a healthy life of the child can be maintained. As simple as it may sound, do not be deceived, for it is perhaps one of the most formidable tasks that one can come across as the little ones are fussy about what they eat, and are too busy running here and there rather than sit down at a place and eat.

7 Simple Steps On Healthy Eating Habits For Children

Hence it is important that in this growth stage, the child has to be given healthy foods so as to ensure maximum development. Here are some of healthy eating tips for children:

1. Choosing Healthy Snacks and Meals:

Well, it’s that simple- cooking a healthy meal and snack may not be as tasty as the unhealthy ones, but there are good chances that the child may gobble it up. This trick is certainly not fool-proof, but the success rates are good. Some examples of healthy food include fruits, dairy fo

ods with less fat, pastas, grain breads, and cereals.

2. Being a Role Model:

This idea solely relies on the phrase “practice before you preach”. After all, you can’t expect your child to obediently chomp down on veggies for dinner while you are munching on those French fries and burger. If you start to eat healthy and keep the junk food at bay, your child will follow you and do the same. This concept may sound simple, but works almost every single time.

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3. Offering New Foods:

So what if they eat it but don’t say yum? Research suggests that toddlers take 15 tries or more before getting accustomed to a certain food. So don’t give up, keep on giving it to him/her, he/she’ll eventually like it.

4. Mixing Things Up:

One real fact that you need to get right is that the time doesn’t matter. It isn’t a norm to have pancake with juice as a breakfast and a grilled sandwich during lunch. A little here and there won’t do any harm. Give him/her the freedom to have oatmeal during dinner or cheese pinwheels for breakfast, he/she’ll be more than happy to eat it.

5. Family Meals:

Family meals are best way to encourage healthy eating habits for kids. This will help your child to eat healthy foods and get a more positive attitude towards the family. Studies have shown how those who have more family meals tend to eat more grain and whole wheat foods rather than those who don’t. In case the elder ones are busy elsewhere, Sunday brunches might work as a charm as well.

6. Clean Out the Food:

No! This does not indicate that you eat them. Rather, keep them in lesser quantity or better yet, don’t keep them. For it is obvious that the toddler won’t complain of not getting junk if there aren’t some in the house. But keep in mind that it is good to let them eat it occasionally such as a birthday party so that they learn that these foods are to be consumed in moderation.

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7. Watch That Juice and Milk Intake:

If your child drinks more juice and milk than the regular amount that is to be consumed, you may want to take steps and encourage your kid into eating other foods too. Too much of anything is bad, even if it is the healthiest food in the world.

Following these simple steps may help your kid ace the habit of healthy eating- educating your child about the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, and letting him indulge once in a while is one of the best ways to keep your kid from developing unhealthy eating habits.

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