7 Foods You Should Eat During Twin Pregnancy


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Are you expecting twins or multiples? Did the doctor ask you to increase your nutritional intake? Do you how many calories you need to consume during this sensitive phase? If you said no, consider reading our post Here, we talk all about the twin pregnancy diet.

Twin Pregnancy Diet:

Pregnant mothers should consume a well-balanced and nutritional diet. The twin pregnancy diet must essentially comprise of:

  • Complex carbs to supply optimum energy to the body. Carbohydrate-rich food improves the digestion and helps you overcome intense constipation. Include some of the complex carbs in your twin pregnancy diet. The foods are fruits, whole grains, and fibrous vegetables.
  • Protein and iron to help build the body of the unborn baby and keep you fit. Your body absorbs protein and iron from red meat or fish and increases the blood volume in the body. A pregnant mother requires sufficient amount of blood, to enhance the health conditions of the twins. Include some of the protein-rich
    foods in your twin pregnancy diet like lean meats, fishes, beans, nuts and egg whites.
  • Calcium rich food helps build stronger bones and muscles. Dairy foods like milk, cheese or yogurt are rich in calcium and help to improve the bone density of the growing fetus.
  • Include unsaturated healthy fats like olive oil or vegetable oils in your twin pregnancy diet. (1)

Foods To Eat During Twin Pregnancy:

Some of the healthy and nutritious foods that you should include in your twin pregnancy diet plan are:

1. Raisin Bran:

Include the essential breakfast cereals fortified with Vitamin B and Folic Acid in your twin pregnancy diet. Both the elements reduce the risk of birth defects. Pregnant women should consume prenatal vital or folic acid supplements, before and during pregnancy. Raisin bran is a high-fiber cereal, and it helps maintain the digestion process and enhance the health aspects of the developing twins.

2. Yogurt:

The milk-based product is rich in its calcium content. An expectant mom needs calcium for the proper bone development of the growing twin babies. You can choose low fat yogurt and flavor it using honey or fresh fruits (2).

3. Shrimp:

Seafood and especially shrimp are extremely nutritious, and you can cook it using various methods. Pregnant mothers are told to stay away from sea fishes, due to their elevated mercury levels. But shrimp is comparatively safer. Shrimps are an excellent source of Vitamin D, protein, low fat, and selenium (3).

4. Papaya:

Papaya is a great choice for mothers expecting twins or multiples. Papaya boosts the protein intake and helps to suffice the nutritional requirement of your body. Papaya is also a rich source of Vitamin C and proteolytic enzymes. It reduces the symptoms of morning sickness and keeps you healthy (4).

5. Hummus:

The middle-eastern dip preparation is made using chickpeas and minced meat. It is a tasty dip and can be enjoyed with fresh vegetables, pita bread or used as salad topping. Hummus is rich in folic acid and manganese and supplies essential nutrients during pregnancy (5).

6. Eggs:

Eggs are protein and choline rich foods that you need larger amounts during pregnancy. The essential element choline helps in brain development of the fetus.

7. Spinach:

The dark leafy vegetable is an essential source of Vitamin K, iron, Vitamin C, calcium and folic acid. Spinach also contains carotenoid and bioflavonoid, which are essential for expectant moms.

Including these foods in your diet can enhance the health conditions of the unborn twins. You need to follow your twin pregnancy diet plan properly and keep a note of your daily calories intake.

Are you a proud mother of twin babies? Did you follow a twin pregnancy diet plan? What foods did you include in your pregnancy diet? Tell us your story here!