Top 10 Food Ideas/Diet For Your 11 Months Baby


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Are you a mother of an 11-month-old and constantly racking your brains to come up with scrumptious food ideas that would intrigue the baby? Does your baby make faces and rejects to eat the food you present before them with expectations so high? If that is the scenario, then you are at a right place! Here we have for you some ideas for your 11 months baby food, that are not only nutritious but also lip-smacking.

Babies are simple. They are picky eaters, but all they want is something that smells and tastes inviting. It is advisable to give water and other foods to the baby only after they reach the sixth month of their life. Until then, there should be just mother’s milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Therefore, baby food should be loaded with all the nutrients that are present in mother’s milk. It should be easy on the baby’s tummy, which means it should not cause indigestion or constipation. It should taste good enough to make your little one want it. Your baby might n

ot have erupted teeth yet. Their digestive system is also very delicate at this moment. But with these amazing baby food ideas, we are sure your baby can now join you at the dinner table. It’s time you moved in the baby’s chair at the dinner table!

Top 10 Ideas For 11 Months Baby Food

Check out carefully here we introduce the top 10 new foods for your 11months old baby which makes preparation of food easier.

1. The Banana Porridge- Yum Yum!

Bananas are considered to be the best 11 month baby food. They are loaded with iron and potassium. Ripe bananas are easily digestible. So take a small ripe and fresh banana. Slice it in half while its skin still on. Place it in a steamer and let it cook for 10 minutes till it becomes tender. Peel off the skin and puree it in the blender using a tablespoon of water. Give this to your baby, not more than thrice a week.

2. The Rosy Goodness:

This porridge recipe looks really appealing and intriguing. Peel and clean a small potato, carrot and beetroot. Cut them into half-inch cubes and toss them all into a small cooking pot. Add a cupful of water, just enough to cover the lovely veggies. Keep it on a high flame till the water begins to bubble. Now cook the veggies on a low flame with the lid on till they turn soft enough. Remove the veggies from the stock and blend them to a smooth puree. Voila! The bowl of ruby red goodness is ready!

3. The Orange Goo!

This porridge is a variant of the previous one. This time it’s just Miss Carrot marrying Mr. Potato. So, you have to follow the same procedure that is mentioned in the preceding recipe. The Carrot-Potato porridge is bright orange in color and divine to taste.

4. Some More Porridge:

Sweet potatoes are high on vitamin A which is needed to maintain a healthy eye-sight. Babies love the way sweet potatoes smell and taste. But since they are also high on fiber, make sure your baby drinks a lot of water. Feed this porridge to your baby once or twice in a week in small quantities. Clean a sweet potato and poke it with a fork several times. Bake it for 60 minutes in an oven preheated at 180 degrees Celsius. Remove it from the oven and let it cool. Peel its skin and dice it into small cubes. Now puree the sweet potatoes using some water. Serve fresh.

5. Who Wants Oats?

Cereals are a good source of vitamins and minerals for the babies. Is there a better way to get your baby eat cereal than starting with oats? I guess not. Oats are bursting with calcium, vitamin B-complex, fiber and minerals. Surprisingly, babies totally love the taste and texture of oats. Take 3 tablespoon of oats, preferably steel cut ones and grind them finely to powder. Add ¾ cup of water in the pan and cook it for ten minutes while stirring constantly. Add half a cup of milk or more to get a desired consistency. Mix a wee bit of sugar to make it sweet. Cool it down and feed it to your baby.