Is It Safe To Drink Coffee While Breastfeeding?

coffee while breastfeeding

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Many of you may be addicted to coffee. This addiction may be difficult to avoid while you are breastfeeding. You must know that it is very important to know the limit of coffee intake as you have to take care of your health as well as your baby’s.

Is it safe to drink coffee when breastfeeding? Well, you can drink coffee in moderation as too much of it may cause small amount of caffeine entering your bloodstream, which reach your breast milk. It is good to limit your coffee intake to 1 to 2 cups daily.

Babies under 6 months are generally more sensitive to caffeine intake. It becomes difficult for the newborns to metabolize caffeine in coffee compared to the older infants. You need not worry as even if your baby seems sensitive to caffeine, it tends to go away when he turns older.

Is It Safe To Drink Coffee While Breastfeeding?

Consumption of too much of coffee while breast feeding, can increase the signs of caffeine stimulation in your baby. Here are some of the symptom

s you need to watch for:

  • You may find your baby wide-eyed.
  • He may become hyper active.
  • It may be difficult for him to fall asleep.
  • He may appear fussy.

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In these cases:

  • It is essential that you stop taking coffee for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • You should also make a note that your cutting down on coffee must be gradual process.
  • If you do it suddenly, you may suffer from symptoms like headaches.
  • After you reduce your coffee intake, you may find your baby calmer and less fussy.

Does Coffee Reduce Your Milk Supply?

Well, there are no such studies that suggest that coffee intake reduces your breast milk.

  • It is nothing but a myth that caffeine decreases milk supply.
  • Moms, who have been drinking coffee, do not complain about any adverse effects on supply of breast milk.
  • In fact, some studies also indicate increase in the milk production with consumption of caffeine in coffee.
  • In case your baby is jittery and fussy due to caffeine stimulation, he may not nurse well. This can eventually lead to decrease in milk supply in course of time.

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How Much Coffee Consumption Is Safe?

If you are feeling tired when you are breast feeding, then it is a normal feeling you are going through. Additionally, you may also feel thirsty and may feel tempted to drink a cup of coffee. A hot cup of coffee helps you keep going. To be on the safer side, it is always better to reduce your coffee consumption.

  • In the US, breast feeding women are suggested to limit the consumption of caffeine by 200mg. This means your coffee consumption must be limited to two cups every day.
  • Consumption of more than this amount will harm your baby. Even if you take few cups of coffee, eliminate all other source of caffeine from your diet.
  • You can try fruit juice or milk for a change. Herbal tea is also a suitable option when you are breastfeeding.

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Warnings And Side Effects:

If you are drinking too much of coffee each day, you may experience the following symptoms. Let us have a look here:

  • Caffeine stimulation can affect your nervous system. Your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing increases with too much of coffee consumption. While you are reducing your coffee intake, you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue and depression.
  • Too much of coffee consumption can also increase your chances of dehydration and you might feel like drinking water frequently.
  • Sore nipples are other symptoms of too much of coffee consumption. As your blood vessels get constricted, you may experience vasospasm. It is very important you reduce your coffee intake in this case.

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You have plenty of herbal and safe options to keep yourself rejuvenated while you are breast feeding. It is always good to opt for these as they are good for health, rather on caffeine. You must remember that along with your health, your babies health also depend on you.

What alternatives to caffeine you considered while breastfeeding? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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