Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

tattoo during breastfeeding

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Tattooing has become popular these days. But how safe it is to get a tattoo done when you are breast feeding? Well, to get an answer for this question, you need to first know how the tattoos are made. The right information will help you know whether is it safe to get a tattoo while breastfeeding.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have raised no concerns about getting tattoos while breastfeeding. Let us look about tattoo and breastfeeding here.

How Is Tattooing Done?

Before you get deeper into the discussion whether tattooing is safe while you are breast feeding, let us have a look at how tattoos are done.

  • Tattooing is done with hand held machines that has needles coated with ink.
  • The ink is injected in your body in the dermal layer of your skin.
  • The needle pierces you at a speed of hundred times per minutes and has a depth of few millimeters.
  • Getting a tattoo done is not harmful, but the larger
    multi-colored ones are said to pose threat compared to the black ones.

Thus, the ink molecules may pass on to your breast milk.

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Common Risks Associated With Getting A Tattoo While Breastfeeding:

While getting tattoos may not cause any harm to you even while you are breast feeding, it is always better to be informed about the common risk factors associated with it. Here we shall have a look:

  • Systemic infections and local infections are the main concerns.
  • Local infections become acute when you do not attend the follow-up sessions after the first treatment.
  • Systemic infections become common when you do not follow the precautionary measures like hepatitis, tetanus and HIV well.

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Safety Measures:

If you are getting a tattoo done while breastfeeding, you must take care of certain safety measures. Here is what you should be careful of:

  • Make sure you are visiting a registered practitioner.
  • See that your practitioner wear gloves and sterilizes all equipment well.
  • The technician or tattoo artist should use a single time needle and dispose it off after a single use.
  • Dyes to be used must be packed in a sterile way.
  • Your technician must be available to advise you or guide you when you have any problems.

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Safer Options:

While tattooing can increase chances of infections, you can try out some safer option when breast feeding. Let us look at the options here:

  • Henna is a natural product has been used traditionally to create contemporary designs. You can opt for a henna tattoo.
  • In this case you need to make sure you use absolutely pure ones. The orange, brown or red ones are absolutely pure, so go for them. Remember natural henna is not available in black.
  • Since you can never predict severity of the artificial colors, it is always good to be safe and use the natural products.
  • Existing tattoos won’t create a problem in breast feeding unless they were done in unsanitary conditions. Thus, test yourself for infections to be sure.

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Dyes used in tattoos may inherit the proper growth and development in your baby. Thus, if you are hell bound to get a tattoo done, it is better to opt for the safer and natural options. Make sure to screen your tattoo before getting it done. Tell the artist to be extra careful when you are breast feeding.

Tattoos can be addicting and fun, but nothing is important than the wellbeing of your baby. Since anything you apply on your skin gets absorbed, you need to take a well-informed decision, whether to proceed with it.

Moms share with us if you got a tattoo done while breast feeding? Was there any side effects? We look forward to hearing from you, in the section below.

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