6 Simple Tips To Nurture Faster Baby Boy Growth

baby boy growth

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Congratulations on becoming parents to a healthy baby boy! Just like any parent, you also wish that the apple of your eyes always remain hale and hearty.

As a parent, you will closely monitor the growth of your baby and check for the milestones to be achieved. However, it is crucial to understand that growth pattern of each baby differs. You need not worry if your baby learns to walk later than his peers or his height is not in line when compared to other children of same age.

How Is Baby Boy Growth Measured?

When we talk about baby boy growth chart we usually gauge in the four broad categories:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Other changes like growth of hair, arrival of teeth, learning to walk, ability to speak etc.
  • Attaining puberty

Initially doctors are more concerned for the baby’s height and weight. While height of a baby depends largely on his genes, it is very important to keep track of baby boy weight chart. Weight can tell whether baby is able to digest food properly and is ab

le to extract nutrition from it.

Parameters For Height And Weight Chart For Baby Boy :

There are guidelines provided by credible organizations about the growth milestones of a baby boy. In no case it should be strictly adhered to, because they are for guidance which helps in remarking if there is any potential developmental issue.

1. The First Year:

Your baby will grow the maximum in his first year.

  • In this year you will see substantial changes in his height as well as his weight.
  • Your baby adds almost 10 inches in height and witnesses almost a three-fold increase in weight.

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2. The Second Year:

After monitoring tremendous growth in your baby in the initial year, don’t be upset as the growth automatically slows down in the subsequent years.

  • During this phase, your baby will show more changes in terms of appearance and proportions of body parts.
  • In his second year your baby will put on 6 pounds of weight and 5 inches of height.

3. Second Year To Tenth Year:

During these years the growth in your baby almost remains steady.

  • An average child will gain almost 2.5 inches of height and 6 pounds of weight every year.
  • This growth patterns are general and some babies might grow fast while some may grow at a slower pace.

Special Case Of Premature Baby:

In case your baby is born prematurely, you will find that he will not match these general parameters on height and weight.

  • A doctor always gives 2 ages for a premature baby.
  • One age will be based on his actual birth
  • The other will be based on when he should have been born.
  • Thus you should always try to measure his growth on the adjusted date and not his real age.

How Can Parents Help in Fostering Growth:

As a parent you can play a crucial role in nurturing good health in your baby and ensuring sustainable growth in him. Just follow few suggestions prescribed:

1. Proper Sleep And Rest:

This is the most important thing any doctor will suggest. Sleeping give the body that essential rest which is needed to continue growing.

  • You should try to make your baby sleep for at least 10-12 hours, in spite of variation in sleep patterns.
  • The growth hormone in your baby which is produced throughout the day is released only when he is asleep.

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2. Nourishing Food:

Children crib a lot about food and usually throw lot of tantrums while eating healthy food.

  • A balanced diet provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals necessary for growth
  • Certain amount of nutritious food is beneficial in triggering growth

3. Lead Them To Activity And Exercise:

In this era of obesity equal importance should be given to food intake as well as indulging into exercise and activity.

  • Make him do exercise or any activity which is in contrast to remaining sedentary.
  • There are many options available for exercise. Involve him in those for which he has an inclination.
  • Skating, Swimming, Bicycling, Hiking ,etc., are just few off the many options available.

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4. Never Hurt His Self-Esteem:

You may intentionally or unintentionally get involved in comparing your children with siblings, peers or friends.

  • Make it a point that you will never compare his height, weight or any other competency with other children.
  • This will not only hurt him but degrade his self esteem.

5. Give Them Space:

One more way to ensure proper growth is to try not to restrict movement right from their birth time.

  • Don’t restrict them to strollers or cradles where they cannot move or explore around.
  • It should be used only when they are sleeping or resting.
  • When he is not resting then free surrounding should be given to move their hands and legs.

6. Talk Openly:

Kids are always curious to know things about their growth and pop up awkward questions.

  • When you try to avoid his question he might feel that there is something wrong with his growth.
  • As far as possible you should give him a correct answer in a way which he can understand and digest.
  • When he shows concerns on his growth, show him ways to overcome it.

When Should You Consult Doctor?

Sometimes you may remain too preoccupied with the growth and development patterns of your children.

  • Some children who are short initially might grow a lot in the later stage
  • While some who grow rapidly in the beginning might slow down when they grow up.

Whenever you feel that the growth is abnormally slow or there is huge difference in him and his peers you can always consult his pediatrician and get suitable guidance.

We hope this will give you a fair idea on what to expect in terms of growth chart for baby boys. Do share with us if you know more ways on how to foster growth in babies.

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