3 Yummy Beet Recipes For Your Baby

beets for baby

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Has your baby just switched to solid foods? It’s often a moment of mixed feeling for you when it’s time to introduce your baby to solid foods. Why so?

Because, on one hand you are thrilled because your little bundle of joy is growing and will start embarking the journey of exploring the world of food. On the other, you are worried about providing the right as well as adequate nutrition to your baby.

One of the best food choices that you can make for your baby is by offering beetroots!

Are Beets Good For Babies?

You would really want to know about the goodness that beetroot would bring into your baby’s life. Well here are just a few of them:

  • Beets are a rich source of vitamin A, calcium and potassium, thereby; beets can make your baby healthy.
  • Beets are high in fibre. A medium sized beet contains around a gram of fibre thereby making digestion very easy for your baby.
  • Beets are the right choice of food in order to keep constipation at bay.
  • Beets have a natural sweetness
    and this taste is often preferred by the babies.

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Best Time To Introduce Beets For Babies:

The ideal and the recommended time to introduce beets for baby is during the age of 8 to 10 months.

  • In case of any confusion you can always consult your doctor.
  • Doing so will iron out any symptoms of allergy or other issues that might crop up if a particular food does not suit your baby.

How To Choose And Store Beets?

Beets are one of those vegetables that need to be thoroughly cleaned before use as they are bound to them dirt attached to them.

  • Choose beets that are not blemished and have the green leafy top. In order to store the beets keep them in a freezer bag or an airtight container after cutting of the green top.
  • Beets will remain fresh for about a week if stored properly in a refrigerator.

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Top 3 Quick Beet Recipes For Babies:

Some of the quick to make beetroot recipes are discussed below. Have fun while you try them out.

1. Basic Puree:

basic puree

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Wash one medium sized beet, cut the leafy top and make small chunks of the beets after peeling them.

  • Boil them in limited amount of water or steam them using a steamer. The chunks should be cooked until they are tender.
  • Place the cooked chunks in a food processor and start pureeing till a fine textured puree is made.
  • There is a possibility of Nitrates seeping in to the cooking water so do not retain the water to be used for thinning the puree. You can add a little water to achieve a thin and smooth consistency.

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2. Purple Potatoes:

purple potatoes

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Wash and peel one medium-sized carrot and two medium-sized beets and potatoes each.

  • Cut the potato, carrot and beets in to chunks. Steam or boil them until tender.
  • Place the entire cooked vegetables in a food processor and make a smooth puree out of it.
  • Add some salt and thyme to make it tastier for your little one.

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3. Roasted Beet Shapes:

roasted beet shapes

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Take 5 medium shaped beets or two very large beets and olive oil. Clean the beets thoroughly and peel them.

  • Cut the beets into thin slices.
  • You can also use a cookie cutter, cut a few shapes from the beet slices. You might need to apply some strength to cut the shapes as beet is slightly tough to cut using a cookie cutter.
  • Brush the beet shapes with olive oil and place them in a baking sheet. Bake the shapes for around 10 to 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Yummy and crispy beet shapes will be ready for you to serve. Add some salt and thyme for seasoning.

Aren’t these beet recipes for babies easy to prepare? So try out these and watch your little one develop a rich palate for tasty food. Please do share your favorite beets recipes for other mothers to try out.

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