Why Does Your Baby Rub His Eyes And How To Prevent It?

Does Your Baby Rub His Eyes

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Does your baby always seem to be rubbing his eyes? Are you worried it could harm your baby’s eyesight or cause him pain and discomfort? Have you noted an increase in how much your baby rubs his eyes?

If you are worried about why your baby is constantly rubbing his eyes, there are a few points you can consider. Read our post and learn why your baby may be rubbing his eyes and what you can do to comfort him and make it stop.

Why Does Your Baby Rub Eyes And How To Prevent It?

When your baby rubs his eyes, the first thought that comes to your mind is that your little one is tired or sleepy. While rubbing his eyes is surely one of the signs he exhibits to show tiredness, it is not always the same case.

Here are a few reasons behind why your baby keeps rubbing eyes, whether he is tired or sleepy or neither of the two:

1. Your Baby’s Eyes Are Tired:

Yes, your baby will surely rub his eyes each time he feels tired or sleepy.

  • Each time he rubs his eyes, it helps him to remove te
    nsion and the tiredness in the muscles around his eyes, in his eyes and even in his eyelids.
  • As your baby gets tired, he will also feel dryness in his eyes that can cause his eyes to itch. Your baby’s eyes may also be exposed for long to air. It causes the tear film in your baby’s eyes to evaporate. The tear film on the front of your baby’s eyes is a sort of protective layer that contains the tears. When your baby rubs his eyes, it also produces tears that help to bring back lost moisture in your baby’s eyes.

Prevention Tip: Understand your baby’s patterns of sleep and tiredness. Make sure you put your baby in a routine and stick to it, even when he may not be at home. Maintain sleep time and rest time to ensure he does not get overly tired or sleepy. If you notice the signs of sleep and exhaustion, immediately help him to sleep or get some rest.

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2. Responding To The Eye Touch:

Your baby may have woken up fresh and has no signs of being tired, yet you see your baby rub eyes.

  • Sometimes, your baby may just be doing so to check the various responses that his body parts teach him. Your baby will love touching his body parts and seeing how it feels when he touches his eyes, ears, tongue, nose, etc.
  • Your baby may close his eyes and rub them. Once he does so, it gives him a blank canvas that gets lit up with interesting lights and visuals. It is always a fascinating sight for your little one. So once he discovers what he can see when he closes his eyes and rubs them, he may want to do it over and over again. It is your baby’s way of trying to experiment and see what all he can see even when his eyes are closed.

Prevention Tip: It is a lot of fun for your baby to close his eyes, see those little dots of light and enjoy the visual spectacle, all with his eyes closed. But it could also instigate him to rub his eyes more and more, which is not a good idea. If you notice that he is always rubbing his eyes in play, even when he is not tired, it is time to distract his little curious mind. Help him turn his attention towards other body parts, like those little fingers and toes. Involve him in a fun game of peekaboo or clap clap. Help him explore other adventures and very soon he will forget about rubbing his eyes. However, remember that he has very little attention span, so he may lose interest in the new activity and return to rubbing his eyes again. Slowly distract him again.

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