Is Benadryl Safe For Infants?

Is Benadryl Safe For Infant

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Watching your infant break out into an allergic reaction can be scary. But should you use Benadryl to help calm the symptoms? If you listen to experts, the answer is a big fat No!

Baby Benadryl is known to help relieve symptoms of allergy like itchiness and hives. But if your baby is younger than six months, you should talk to your pediatrician before giving her any medication.

When Can You Use Benadryl For Babies?

If your baby or toddler (over the age of 1) has an allergic reaction, you can use baby Benadryl to help soothe the symptoms. The symptoms that can be relieved using this medicine are hives, nasal allergy, and itching. But it should never be used to treat

premature babies and newborns. If your baby is below six months of age and shows allergy symptoms, go to your pediatrician or the ER. A baby that young can show such symptoms, which can indicate something more serious.

The sole purpose of Benadryl is to treat allergy symptoms. It should never be used to treat cold because it is not known to be a proven treatment plan.

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Using Benadryl To Make Your Baby Sleep:

One of the side effects of Benadryl is drowsiness. It is very tempting to use a few drops of it to make your infant sleep. Many mothers use it to make traveling a bit easier. But as any expert will tell you, giving baby benadryl to sleep is not a good idea.

In fact, if your baby goes to a day care center or you have a nanny, make sure they are not using Benadryl. It is a known sedative and can make your baby sleep too deeply. Or it can have the opposite effect! Benadryl is also known to make babies hyper – that’s the last thing you need on a long flight.

Apart from that, Benadryl is also known to cause lower respiratory rate, irregular heart rate, seizures or blood pressure issues. The risks are just not worth a few hours of sleep. If your baby is having trouble sleeping, try a bedtime routine. You may also consider sleep training your little one.

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Benadryl Dosage For Babies By Weight:

If you are giving your baby Benadryl, please keep the correct dosage in mind. If confused, consult the table given here:

Baby’s weight (pounds) 20-24 25-37 38-49 50-99 100+ lbs
Liquid 12.5 mg/ 1 teaspoon (tsp) ¾ 1 2 Tbs
Liquid 12.5 mg/5 milliliters (ml) 4 5 7.5 10 ml
Chewable 12.5 mg 1 2 4 tablets
Tablets 25 mg ½ ½ 1 2 tablets
Capsules 25 mg 1 2 caps


It is important to use the correct measuring device while administrating Benadryl for babies. Try and use the dropper that comes with the medicine. Or you can also buy a med syringe from the market.

It is also important to give the medicine at regular intervals. Follow the instructions given by your pediatrician or on the medicine bottle.

6 Pointers To Keep In Mind:

Let’s rehash a few points about Benadryl and babies. Keep these pointers in mind while using baby Benadryl for baby.

1. Not For Preemies:

Never use Benadryl for treating premature babies.

2. Consult Your Pediatrician:

Always consult your doctor before using Benadryl for treating young babies. It is especially true if your baby is below six months.

3. Don’t Use As Sedative:

Benadryl is not a sedative. It is an allergy medicine. Use it to treat allergy symptoms only.

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4. Administer The Correct Dosage:

An overdose of Benadryl can even prove fatal, so be careful about the dosage.

5. Use The Correct Measuring Device:

Use a dropper when you can. If you got to use a teaspoon, make sure to use one that is not used for other medications.

6. Keep An Eye On Your Baby:

Watch out for side effects. Excessive sleepiness, labored breathing, slow response, hives, coughing are all signs that warrant a call to your doctor.

As with any medication, you need to be careful while administrating Benadryl to your baby. Just keep the points mentioned here and let the medicine do its work.

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As a mother, your first instinct is to help your baby. But sometimes, things can backfire. So, don’t forget to consult your pediatrician before you medicate your little angel. Stay safe!

Have you ever used Benadryl for your baby? Did it make her sleepy? Share your experience with us.

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