Breastfeeding Techniques - Everything You Need To Know

Breastfeeding Techniques

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Are you looking forward to the arrival of your little bundle of joy soon? Are you looking forward to bonding with him over breastfeeding? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post may be a good idea!

Breast milk is the only source of sustenance for fragile babies. Breastfeeding an infant is a must to boost his immunity. Are you clueless and curious to know more about the different and best breastfeeding techniques? Worry not! Go ahead and give this post a read!

Why Is Breastfeeding Important?

The act of breastfeeding helps a mother offer nutrition and immunity to her baby. Surprisingly, your body already starts producing hormones during the 24th week of pregnancy to stimulate lactation. Progesterone increases the size of the breast during pregnancy and prepares it for nurturing the little one after birth.

What Is Breast Milk?

Breast milk usually comprises of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and minerals.

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What Are The Different Breastfeeding Techniques?

Here are a few techniques you can try as a new mother to nurse your little one:

1. Twin Feeding:

If you are a mother of twin babies, you might want to feed them separately or simultaneously. If you wish to feed them simultaneously, you could try the clutch or ‘football hold’ to allow each infant to latch onto each breast. With one baby in each of your arms, hold them while partially bending your elbow. You can also place your babies on a pillow each. Support their neck with your palm, let them incline towards your body. Let your infants latch on and suckle. The method is also ideal for mothers who have undergone a C-section, who have large breasts or a small baby. It is also helpful for new mothers who have a forceful milk ejection reflex.

2. Cradle Feeding:

It is the most popular pose among new mothers. Hold your baby in your arm on the same side as the breast you are offering him. You can hold your breast with the other hand so that your baby can latch on better.

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3. Cross-Cradle Feeding:

Though your first feeding can prove to be excruciating and uncomfortable, do not give up and work to find more comfortable ways. Try few positions and see your and your baby’s comfort. The cross-cradle feeding is an idyllic position for any new mother, easy to adapt and rich in comfort. Sit comfortably in a squat position or on a chair. Rest your thighs on a pillow. Hold your baby with the arm opposite to the breast you are offering him. Support your baby’s head, neck, and shoulder by placing your hand at the base of your baby’s head. With the other hand hold your breast in position. Enjoy seeing your baby breastfeed peacefully.

4. Reclining Hold:

Has it been a tiring day for both of you? Then, this technique of breastfeeding may be perfect for you! Lie on your side using pillows to support your head and shoulders. While your baby is facing you, draw him close. Use your arm to support him. If he is still straining to latch onto your nipple, then try and place a small pillow under his head.

Some Popular Breastfeeding Styles:

Here is a list of other popular breastfeeding styles.

  • Exclusive Breastfeeding: Some new mothers feed only breast milk to their babies.
  • Mixed Feeding: While others offer their baby both breast milk and infant formula milk.
  • Extended Breastfeeding: A few mothers like to breastfeed their baby as long as he wants, and they lactate. But they should make sure that they introduce their baby to solid foods at the right time.

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Things To Remember:

  • Breastfeeding may be an overwhelming experience for new moms, but always remember to stay calm and patient so that your baby suckles undisturbed. After all, this exercise that you perform today is going to improve your baby’s immunity for life.
  • Focus on your baby’s comfort while feeding because even a small mistake can make him slip away from your arms.
  • Do not keep your fingers too near the nipple as your baby may start sucking them instead.
  • Always have someone by your side to help you, be it your partner or mother or someone trustworthy.
  • Newborns usually feed eight to nine times a day so prepare yourself for providing your baby his multiple meals.
  • After nursing your baby, insert your finger softly into a corner of his mouth and distance him from your nipple. It will prevent any unnecessary hurt or pain you may face.

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Now you know all about breastfeeding your little one. Why wait? Go ahead and enlighten other moms!

Which technique did you try to breastfeed your baby? How long did you nurse him? Please share your experience and advice with us.

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