Top 10 Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Are you invited to a baby shower? Is your friend or a family member expecting and you want to gift her something unique and beautiful?

While the markets are flooded with baby shower gifts, there is nothing as special as a homemade gift. Try out some ideas from the recommendations we share below.

Top 10 Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas:

Here is our recommendation of ten baby shower gift ideas that you can easily make at home:

1. Baby’s Wicker Basket:

You Need:

  • A wicker basket
  • Small identical pouches that will easily fit inside the basket
  • Identical ribbons
  • Small gifts to go in the pouches

How To:

  • Fill up the pouches with small gifts like infant diapers, teethers, pacifier, a sleep eye patch for the mommy, a rattle, baby booties and mittens, a travel sized pack of wipes and so on.
  • Tie each pouch with the ribbons and place in the basket.The homemade baby shower gift ideas are just right for the occasion.

The new mommy can keep the basket near the baby’s crib and use it as

and when required.

2. Baby Mobile Crib:

You Need:

  • Two lightweight plastic rods of the same size
  • Fabric
  • Glue
  • Small soft toys
  • Cords
  • Ribbon

How To:

  • Wrap the rods in the fabric using glue. Make sure you tuck in the ends so that no bare parts are visible or exposed.
  • String the soft toys through the cords, with one toy per cord. Hang them up on the rods.
  • Place the rods one across the other and secure with a bow in the middle. These can be the ideal homemade baby shower gift ideas for boys .

The new mommy can attach it near her newborn’s crib.

3. Picture Alphabet Board:

You Need:

  • Wooden blocks in same size
  • Fabric in different colors and patters
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

How To:

  • Cover the wooden blocks using the same fabric. You can also choose to not cover it to give it a raw look.
  • Cut out letters from the fabrics, keeping it bright and colorful. You can also trace out pictures on the fabrics that correspond to that particular letter.
  • Glue them up on to the board, few letters to each board. This homemade baby shower gift ideas are just right to gift as a learning toy.

The new mommy will be able to put it up in the nursery as an educational wall décor or as a learning toy.

4. Personalized Baby Book:

You Need:

  • Plain notebook with paper of choice
  • Decorating items like stickers, ribbons, laces, buttons, cutouts and such
  • Glue and scissors
  • Colored pens
  • Fabric

How To:

  • Wrap the front and back cover of the notebook using the fabric.
  • Decorate the inside using interesting items like ribbons, stickers, buttons, bows and such.
  • Use the colored pens to write out messages creatively. You can also create special areas for particular notes that mommy can make.
  • Do designate spaces to add in lots of images of baby.

The new mommy will love using the personalized baby book.

5. Decorated Diaper Stash:

You Need:

  • Infant diapers
  • A basket or large tray to hold them in
  • Bright ribbons
  • A cute soft toy – optional

How To:

  • Roll up each diaper into the tiniest size possible. Tie up each diaper with a piece of ribbon. Once all the diapers are done, stack them up in the basket or tray.
  • You could simply place them there or create an interesting design. You can add the soft toy to go along with the diapers.

The new mommy will have ample use of this particular gift.

6. Cute Diaper Babies:

You Need:

  • Infant diapers for as many diaper babies as you want to make
  • One baby mitten and one baby booty for each diaper
  • A small basket to hold the diapers in
  • Ribbon

How To:

  • Roll up the diapers.Add a baby mitten on one edge and baby booty on the other.
  • Place the diaper babies in the basket and adorn the basket with the ribbon.

7. Baby Booties And Baby Mittens Bouquet:

You Need:

  • Baby booties and mittens
  • Artificial leaves stems
  • A small and compact vase
  • Ribbons

How To:

  • Place the baby booties at the bottom of the vase to make the base.
  • Roll up the baby mittens and tie them up with ribbons if you wish. Alternatively, you can start stacking them into and over the booties, so that they resemble different colorful flowers. Make sure you stack them tightly so that they do not come loose. Use the ribbon to tighten them up if required.
  • Add the artificial leaves stems in between to give it the look of a bouquet.

The new mommy will love the thought behind giving booties and mittens in such a unique way.

8. Hand Designed Baby Booties With A Message:

You Need:

  • Baby booties in plain colors
  • Fabric colors

How To:

  • Design the baby booties using the fabric colors.
  • Write out cute and thoughtful messages on the booties. You could write different parenting quotes or write out lines from different nursery rhymes.
  • Alternatively, you can make different baby related patterns on the booties.

The new momma will love showing off her newborn’s special style.

9. A Onesie For A Month Basket:

You Need:

  • Same colored baby onesies from size 0 months till 12 months – one onesie for each month
  • Fabric color or fabric pen
  • A basket to hold the onesies
  • Ribbon

How To:

  • Starting from the smallest onesie, write out a cute message corresponding to the particular month – for newborn, to month 1, month 2 and so on till month 12 – a year!
  • Try and decorate the onesies in a uniform pattern to make them look identical yet different.
  • Once the colors are dry, place them all in the basket and decorate the outside of the basket with the ribbon.

The new momma will love the usefulness and the stylish factor of this gift.

10. Instant Images With Personalized Message:

You Need:

• An instant camera
• A plain notebook
• Colored pens
• Glue

How To:

  • Take instant pictures of all guests attending the baby shower.
  • Once dry, glue the picture to a page of the notebook. Ask the person to write a message on the corresponding page and decorate both the pages as per their choice.
  • Once you have clicked all the guests, you will have an entire book of pictures and messages for the new momma and baby.

The new momma will cherish this album forever.

Try out these ten interesting and super easy homemade baby shower gift ideas. Do tell us in the comments below about the ones you plan to try out.

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