Is It Normal For Babies To Spit Up Blood?

Babies To Spit Up Blood

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Having a baby is a life changing experience. Suddenly the world seems to revolve around your baby’s well-being. Even the slightest problem that your baby may have could instantly lead you into a panic mode. Imagine finding your baby spitting out, and then spotting blood in it!

Keep reading to know more about why babies could ‘spit up’ and possible reasons behind baby spitting up blood.

Is It Normal If Baby Spits Up Blood?

Yes, it is completely normal for babies to spit up. However, it is commonly observed in younger babies. Babies may spit up due to several possible reasons including the following:

• The baby may have gulped down a lot of milk too fast, and the overloaded tummy could send some of it back out through the mouth, causing the baby to spit up some amount of ingested milk.

• The baby may also ingest some air along with the milk, which may then come up in the form of spit due to stomach contractions.

• Jostling your baby after a feeding session could also indu

ce spitting up.

• Underlying medical conditions such as acid reflux, pyrolic stenosis or formula allergy could also trigger spitting up in babies. (1)

Causes Of Blood In Baby Spit Up:

While it is okay to find your baby spitting up blood occasionally, the sight of blood in your baby’s spit can undoubtedly be quite alarming. However, the presence of blood may not always be a cause of concern- there could be several other possible reasons that may cause baby spit up blood.

Blood Swallowed During Delivery: If you find blood in your baby’s spit up right after delivery, there’s usually no reason to worry- it could be the blood your baby must have swallowed during the delivery process. However, it is best to have it bought to the notice of the doctor who is attending to you- just to stay on the safer side.

Cracked, Sore Nipples: Breastfed babies may sometimes have blood in their spit up which could actually be the mother’s blood itself! If you’re been experiencing soreness of the breast and nipples, and they have started to crack, chances are, your baby might also be ingesting some blood from the nipple along with the milk.

Forceful Spitting Up: In some cases, a tough and forceful vomit may also cause a small tear in a tiny blood vessel, which may come up as blood in your baby’s spit.

Apart from these, there are certain other possible causes of blood in baby’s spit up, which could be a bit concerning and may require medical attention at the earliest. Keep a note of other symptoms that your baby presents such as abdominal pain, fever, constipation and colic, and if you do find your baby experiencing any of these, get him examined by a medical practitioner. (2)

Tips To Handle Spitting Up In Babies:

Following some simple tips can help you reduce the frequency of newborn spitting up blood.

• Take time to burp your baby after each feeding session- this can keep the air from building up in your baby’s stomach.

• Keep your baby upright for atleast 30 minutes after every feed. Avoid immediate active play or use of swings.

• Try smaller, frequent feeding sessions- the baby’s stomach is really small, so make sure you’re not overfeeding your baby in a single session. (3)

Closely monitor your baby and see if blood tends to turn up frequently in his spit, even after you’ve tried these tips.

We hope this article helped you understand more about finding infant spitting up blood. Did these tricks help you? Let us know in the comments box below.

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