How To Make A Baby Sling - Step By Step Instructions

Baby Sling - Step By Step Instructions

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Are you planning to put your baby in a baby sling while you go about your daily work? Do you want your baby to be snuggled close to you as you carry her around? Do you want to try and make a baby sling at home, instead of buying the readily available ones?

If your answers are a yes, read on to know about the steps to make a baby sling right at home!

How To Make A Baby Sling: Step By Step Instructions:

Follow the detailed step by step instructions on how to make baby sling at home. The two methods shown are the ring sling method and the pouch sling method. So go on and make your own baby sling.

Detailed Step By Step Instructions On How To Make A Ring Sling:

1. Selecting The Fabric:

The fabric that you select to make the baby sling is extremely important, as it will form the base of the product.

  • Select a fabric that will feel soft on your baby’s skin and will also be flexible to work with.
  • Such a fabric will help the baby sling to adjust to your baby’s shape and size and
    keep your little one comfortable.

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2. Hemming The Sides:

Once you have selected your fabric, you have to hem three sides of the fabric.

  • You can do this by folding 1/4thinch of an edge of the fabric to its wrong side.
  • Next, sew it using a line of stitches to make sure it does not open.
  • You can leave one side un-hemmed but make sure the side you choose is short.

3. Pleating And Folding:

The next step you have to do is to pleat and fold the side of the fabric that you left un-hemmed.

  • The pleating and folding has to be done in a lengthwise manner. You can fold the material back and forth so that it looks like a fan. For this purpose, you will have to make the folds in such a way that they are a little bigger than the diameter of the rings.
  • Make sure you secure the folds tightly so that they do not come undone.
  • You can tape the fabric together or run some pins along. You may also hold it in place by using a loose stitch through the folded parts of the fabric.

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4. Ring It:

The next step is to ring the fabric.

  • Once you have done the pleating and folding, pass the fabric through two metal rings.
  • Fold it towards the fabric, bringing the wrong sides together. Secure it back to the fabric by keeping two straight lines about half an inch apart, to make the end that will go on your shoulder.
  • The rings will help you bear the weight of your baby. You can make additional zig-zag stitching patterns to make the ring more stable, if required.

5. Preparing The Part For The Baby:

Your next step is to prepare the sling to adjust to your baby’s body.

  • Put the hemmed edge through the rings and bring it back from the wrong side of the fabric. Once done, you have to thread the end back only through the bottom ring.
  • The sling will go around your body and over one shoulder, with the help of the rings on your shoulder.
  • You can tighten the fabric that you pulled through the rings if you wish to tighten the sling further. It will help you make the sling more comfortable and safe as per your baby’s size and weight.

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