10 Questions You Must Ask Your Kid About School

Questions You Must Ask Your Kid About School

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Parenthood is hard. Just when you think it is getting easier, life throws you a curve ball!

If you thought that sending your kid to school will make life easier, you were sadly mistaken. But then you already know that, don’t you?

Entrusting your kid’s well-being on another can be replete with anxiety and dread. Yes, teachers know their job, but they don’t know your kid! But sooner or later, you have to set your kid on his way to discovering the world. You must be wondering what questions to ask kids about school.

But just because your kid goes to school now does not mean your job is over! Far from it! Now the real battle begins. It is time to monitor all that your kid learns at school. It is also important to be aware of all the goings-on in school to catch incidents of bullying early.

Unfortunately, you cannot visit your kid’s school every day for an update. Nor can you badger your child’s teachers for feedback at each opportunity. What’s worse is that your kid will ref

use to cooperate with you too!

Ask your kid about school, and you are likely to get stony silence or a careless shrug. What is a mother to do in such a scenario? Well, it may be time to play detective! Making your kid talk about school may be a battle but you can win it! What you need are the right questions!

So here are ten questions to ask kids about school and which are likely to elicit a response too!

1. ‘What Was The Hardest Thing You Did Today?’

Questions to ask your child about school-Here’s a simple question that is surely going to get your child thinking. A response will help you determine what exactly your child is struggling with at school.

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2. ‘What’s The Biggest Difference Between This Class And Last Year’s Class?’

A new class or school can be stressful – both for you and your kid. One simple question can help your child analyze all the pros and cons of the year gone by and the one underway.

3. ‘Who Did You Sit With At Lunch?’

Want to know who your kid is hanging out with at school? The question should be a pointer! It is important to know your kid’s friends at school to ensure he is in good company! Remember, peer pressure can be the cause of a lot of troubles!

4. ‘What Do You Like Most About Your Teacher?’

If you ask your kid if he likes his teacher, you are unlikely to get a response. Approaching the matter through this question is more likely to give you an idea of your kid’s teacher.

5. ‘Do You Think The Subject Is Easy Or Hard?’

All kids have strengths and weaknesses. If you want to know more about your kid’s interest and strength when it comes to academics, this question will set the ball rolling.

6. ‘If You Could Change One Thing That Happened At School Today, What Would It Be?’

Here’s another leading question that will surely get the conversation going and give you an idea about your kid’s struggles at school.

7. ‘Which Is The Most Popular Place In Your School? Do You Go There Often?’

The cafeteria, the bathroom, the playground – the answer will give you an idea of what your kid does in his free time in school. It should also give you an idea of your child’s peer group.

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8. ‘Do You Think The Rules At School Are Fair?’

Kids hate rules. And when they are ready to rebel it is important to guide them. But a general lecture on ‘follow the rules’ will just not do! Find out what he dislikes about the rules, so you can explain why the rules are important in the first place!

9. ‘What Are You Learning In The Physical Education/Art/Music Class These Days?’

Questions to ask your kids about school-Extracurricular activities are important for kids. But just because you think your child should play football, does not mean he will enjoy it! With this question, you can unearth your kid’s real interest.

10. ‘If You Could Send One Kid From Your Class For Time-Out, Who Would It Be?’

Bullying can be devastating. To make sure your kid is not a victim of bullying, find out who he dislikes in class and why!

Answers to these questions will give you a general idea of your kid’s time at school. Obviously, this is not the end of it! But if you can get your child to answer these questions, you can always dig a little deeper.

But even if your kid refuses to answer, keep asking. Just change the questions a little!

Do you have any other questions that should be a part of this list? Tell us!

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