5 Symptoms & 3 Treatments Of Sinus Infection In Babies

sinus infection in babies

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There is generally a myth that infants do not get infected by sinusitis or sinus infection. But the truth is, some infants are born with sinuses, which are not totally developed, and thus are more prone to sinus infection.

If your baby has nose, congestion and it is persisting for a longer time, it can be a sinus infection. It is not just cold, but also babies with respiratory allergies who end up with sinusitis and they may not get sick, but the problem may exist internally.

Diagnosis Of Sinus Infection In Babies:

Many parents and in some cases even the doctor misdiagnose when they notice a green runny nose can be a sign of sinusitis or sinus infection but this is just a misconception. It can be normal cold and may not require any specific treatment.

In order to know the difference, let’s first understand what a Sinus infection is.

  • Sinuses are small air spaces in the bones around the nose on your face.
  • These bones will sometimes get infected or swell. This swelling is
    very irritating and this is called as a sinus infection.
  • Sinus infection or sinusitis, is generally seen after cold.

Symptoms Of Sinus Infection In Babies:

Sinus infection is very normal in kids and can be treated very easily. Please check for the following sinus infection symptoms in babies before you confirm it as a cold or sinus infection.

  1. Nasal congestion or cold may last for more than 10 days after your child.
  2. Fever and yellowish discharge from the nose for more than 4 days.
  3. Bad cough in the day time and that becomes worse in the night time.
  4. Swelling around nose and eyes and dark circles around the eyes.
  5. Low fever for more than 10 days.

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Treatment For Sinusitis:

Children with sinus infection are usually prescribed antibiotics, with or without decongestants, depending on the severity of the condition.

  1. Some nasal spray like a saline nasal spray can be helpful in decreasing the nasal congestion.
  2. If your baby has bacterial sinus, you may need to give antibiotics for at least 10 days to a maximum of 21 days. Ask your doctor for the best advice.
  3. To treat the headache or the sinus pain that is caused to your child, try to place a cloth dipped in warm water on the child’s head.

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When To Seek Medical Help?

Sinus infection in babies, usually, do not require any kind of treatment as they go away without any kind of treatment.

  • But if the symptoms of sinus infection are worsening day by day, it is always best to consult the doctor without any further delay.
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery is one option for severe sinus infection.

Preventing Sinusitis In The Future:

Preventive measures will need to be taken in order to sinus infection or sinusitis in children in the future. Following the tips give below can help you keep your baby safe from getting sinus infection.

  • Sinus initially starts as a cold, so keeping the kids room atmosphere little moist can help you to stop cold to get worsened.
  • If your baby has any kind of allergies, talk to your pediatrician and get the best treatment done.
  • Keep the atmosphere in the home clean and clear from dust, smoke (cigarette smoke).
  • Allow fresh air to pass inside the house. These can irritate the nasal and cause sinus infection as well.
  • Teach your family and kids the importance of cleanliness. This will help in preventing the virus to spread from your hands to the kids.

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If your baby is infected by sinusitis, do not panic as this is very common and there are also many treatments available to treat this sinus infection in infants.

Hope this article has given you some good idea on baby sinus infection. Do you have more information to share with us? Please do write your comments in the section below!

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