10 Unique Foreign Baby Names For Your Baby Boy

baby names for your baby boy

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Many congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy!

Gone are the days when there used to be a set of pre-selected names for babies. In earlier days, parents also stuck to names which traced back to their ethnic culture. Today, times have changed. With the world coming onto your fingertips in the form of tablets and smart phones, the world is your home!

Change is visible even in the way parents name their babies these days. More and more parents are looking for unusual names for their babies. They want names which have deeper meaning and sound interesting too.

Under such scenario, foreign names have especially caught on the trend.

Why Choose A Foreign Name For Your Baby?

If you are open to trying new names from different culture, this could be a great idea for you too!

  • When you select a name from another culture, you open up a whole new world for yourself and your baby.
  • It is, after all, a great way of associating and knowing about other cultures around the worl

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Top 10 Foreign Baby Boy Names With Meaning:

Choosing the right name for your baby boy can be quite a task. You might have spent a lot of sleepless nights just looking up new names for your baby boy.

If you like foreign names and want one for your new born baby boy, check out our top 10 list of foreign baby boy names.

1. Ronan:
This means ‘little seal.’

  • It is an Irish Origin name.
  • Irish names are often found cool because they are easy to spell and pronounce.
  • This name is also found in Americans where it means Oath.

2. Brayden:
It means ‘a broad hillside.’

  • This again is an Irish name.
  • It is quite good an option for baby boy names, especially because of its unique meaning and pronunciation.

3. Hugo:
The name means ‘intelligent.’

  • This name is of Spanish origin.
  • Spanish names have become quite popular especially thanks to the super-popular celebs of the same origin.
  • This name is not only famous in Spain but it is quite liked in other countries too.

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4. Diego:
The name means ‘the famous bearer’ in Spanish.

  • A lot of famous Spanish artists were also named the same.
  • This name is particularly liked for its meaning and mythological connect.

5. Antonio:
It signifies someone who is ‘beyond praise.’

  • This name is of Italian origin.
  • Italian names are found to be rich and meaningful.
  • They showcase the rich culture of the region.

6. Marco:
The name means ‘warring.’

  • This name is of German origin.
  • German names sound quite exotic and their spellings differ a little from that of American names.

7. Steffan:
This means ‘wreath or crown’ in Welsh.

  • This name is of Welsh or Celtic origin.
  • It sounds really interesting and uncommon.

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8. Devin:
This name means ‘perfect or divine’ in French.

  • This name is of French origin.
  • French names are famous for they sound romantic.
  • This name is cool and unique at the same time.

9. Ethan:
It means ‘strong’ in Hebrew.

  • This name is of Hebrew origin.
  • If you are looking for a name which has a little spiritual touch to its meaning, Hebrew names are it.

10. Aaron:
The name means ‘high mountains, lofty.’

  • This is a name of the Hebrew origin.
  • This name holds a mythological connection too in Hebrew.
  • It is pretty unusual and sounds exquisite.

With such wonderful names, we hope this foreign boy names list helps you find a unique name for your baby boy. Let us know which one of these is your favorite, or if you have more foreign names for boys and their meanings add to this list.

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