15 Unique Tanzanian Baby Names With Their Meanings

Tanzanian Baby Names

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Are you searching for an unusual name for your new arrival? Do you want to add an international flair to your baby’s name? Then you may want to consider giving your baby a Tanzanian name.

Tanzania is a country on in east coast of Africa. It is a gorgeous country of friendly people and a fascinating culture. Tanzanian names are a beautiful way to keep the rich traditions of Tanzania alive. Tanzanian parents name their babies after places, spirits, the events surrounding their birth and their ancestors. Here is our collection of 15 Tanzanian baby names for you. Read on and find out what these names are!

Top Tanzanian Girl Names:

1. Mansa:

Mansa is one of the most attractive Tanzanian names. The name Mansa means ‘third born girl’. It is one of the fastest rising Tanzanian names.

2. Imani:

Imani is a sleek and elegant name that carries a beautiful meaning. It means ‘faith, belief’. Imani is also one of the royal names of Tanzania. So if you want a regal name for your little

angel, pick Imani.

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3. Busara:

Busara is a pure and simple name that is not overused. So it will make a stylish choice for your darling daughter. The name Busara means ‘wisdom’, a virtue that you would want your child to have.

4. Zuwena:

Zuwena is a mighty Tanzanian name that most parents use for their children. The name Zuwena means ‘good’.

5. Zahra:

Zahra is a one of the most appealing Tanzanian baby girl names. According to us, it sounds melodious. It means ‘shining, flower’.

6. Saida:

Saida, with its appealing Tanzanian accent, will make a rich choice for your baby. The name Saida means ‘happy’.

7. Faraji:

Faraji is a cheerful Tanzanian name that has been gaining popularity since the last decade. The name Faraji means ‘comfort’.

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Top Tanzanian Boy Names:

1. Nen:

Nen is a classic Tanzanian name that will make a great choice for your son. Nen has a fascinating meaning. It means ‘ancient waters’. Along with an interesting meaning, Nen also has an aura of masculine panache surrounding it.

2. Kafil:

Kafil is the second most popular boy name in Tanzania. This classic name will make a safe choice if you do not like experimenting with your baby’s name. The meaning of Kafil is ‘the protector’.

3. Jamil:

Here is an impressive name for your handsome son. Jamil means ‘handsome’. The name fell out of approval, but is making a comeback of sorts and is here to stay.

4. Ibada:

Ibada is one of the most famous Tanzanian baby boy names of history. The name has several bearers in Tanzania and other adjoining regions. The name Ibada means ‘reverence’.

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5. Darweshi:

Darweshi is a classic name, with many Tanzanian parents going for it. The meaning of Darweshi is ‘holy’.

6. Abasi:

Abasi is an uncommon alternative to Abbas. It projects a shiny and lively image. The name Abasi means ‘stern’.

7. Yaro:

Yaro is a traditional Tanzanian name, which means ‘son’. It is an excellent choice for parents who don’t want to move beyond traditional Tanzanian names.

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8. Tumo:

Tumo is one of the names that end with ‘o’ and is riding on the wave of popularity. The name Tumo means ‘fame’. Tanzanians use this name rarely, so it will make a unique choice for your baby.

Remember, the pronunciation of the name is of utmost importance in Tanzania. Even one misplaced syllable can affect its meaning. So be wary of it.

How did you like our small collection of Tanzanian baby names? Tell us your favorite ones below. Share your opinion below.

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