50 Most Popular Baby Girl Names With Meanings

50 most popular baby girl names with meanings

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Congratulations! It’s a Girl!

While you are excited, anxious and joyful after the arrival of your baby girl, there is one more thing that takes prime importance – naming your little angel. You will be confused about the naming part as you are showered with hundreds of ideas for choosing that special name.

Tips For Choosing A Great Name:

It may look like an easy chore; however, you have to be mindful about your choice depending on your requirements and what the christening reflects on your little darling. You can simplify the process of christening once you are clear about what you want. Below are few tips that can help you narrow down your search for popular names for girls:

  • Uniqueness Of The Name – Pick something rare. This will set your baby girl apart from the crowd.
  • Meaning Of The Name– What the name means and whether it connects to your young one.
  • Background – Factors like family tradition, values, lifestyle, ethnicity, etc.
  • Style factor – You cannot deny th
    at there should be an element of style to the name. Furthermore, your little girl will love the choice that has trend infused in the pronunciation of name.
  • Simple And Great – Kindly refrain from long, old fashioned and conservative names. Opt for the ones which are simple yet great.
  • Divinity – Most names come from the essence of spirituality and godliness. If you are not an atheist this is something that you can look for.
  • Depth – Sometimes, there is more than one meaning to a name. It could have a poignant connection to something in the past, fables etc. Find something that strikes a chord of depth if possible.
  • Celebrities – Some love their children to be names after their favorite celebrities in films, sports, fashion etc., Make sure the name connects with your child as well as the setting at your home nevertheless.

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50 Most Popular Girl Names With Meanings:

Below are the 50 popular girl names that you can choose from for your little girl. We have a mixture of Christian and Global names for you. Do run through the meanings as well:

Christian Names:

  1. Sophia – Wisdom in Greek
  2. Emma – Whole or Universal in German
  3. Olivia – Olive Tree in Greek
  4. Isabella – Devoted to God in Hebrew
  5. Mia – Mine or chosen child in Latin
  6. Ava – Bird in Latin
  7. Layla – Night in Arabic
  8. Zoe – Life in Greek
  9. Kaylee – From Kay and Lee in Greek
  10. Madelyn – Of Magdala in Greek
  11. Avery – Wise in French
  12. Arianna – Holy in Greek
  13. Mila – People’s Love or Favored in Russian
  14. Leah – Weary in Hebrew
  15. Nora – Honor, Light in Latin
  16. Maya – Illusion in Hindi/ Daughter of Atlas in Latin
  17. Alaina – Rock handsome in Irish
  18. Liliana – Lily in Latin
  19. Bailey – Able in Tuetonic
  20. Camilla – Attendant in Latin

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Global Names (Indian, Islamic, Sikh, Parsi, etc):

A. Indian Names:

  1. Avanni – Earth
  2. Chaitra – Names of the Indian season Chaitra Maasa
  3. Charvi – Beautiful
  4. Daakshayani – Goddess Durga
  5. Ira – Goddess Saraswati
  6. Kaira – Princess
  7. Niyathi – Destiny
  8. Nesara – Sun
  9. Pankhuri – Petals
  10. Urvi – Earth

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B. Islamic Names:

  1. Aasmaa – Excellent
  2. Abida – Worshipper
  3. Arshiya – Divine
  4. Baheera – Brilliant
  5. Dhuha – Evening
  6. Faizia – Successful
  7. Zaira – Rose

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C. Parsi Names:

  1. Abenahir – Water of Stream
  2. Alma – Nourishing
  3. Arvaneh – Wild Violet
  4. Balbina – Strong

D. Sikh Names:

  1. Gurleen – Infused in the Guru
  2. Gursiman – Remembering the Lord
  3. Harjot – God’s Light
  4. Jasneet – Glorious Friend
  5. Manjot – Light of the Heart
  6. Muskan – Smile
  7. Navkiran – New Ray of Light
  8. Nimrit – Humble
  9. Simar – Filled with God’s spirit

We hope you like our short list of most popular names for girls. While the quest for the perfect christening can be tedious, make sure you pick what suits your baby the most. Because a name is forever!

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