15 Cute Lithuanian Baby Boy Names

Lithuanian Baby Boy Names

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Are you looking for a unique name for your son? Do you find traditional names like John and Jacob boring? Why don’t you try a Lithuanian name for your baby? Here is our collection of 15 Lithuanian baby boy names for your reference.

Lithuania is a country in Northeast Europe. It was once the largest country in Europe, but now consists of just 3.3 million people, the majority being Lithuanian. Lithuanian male names typically feature the suffix as, is, us, ar and ys.

1. Matis:

Matis originates from Matthew. It is a derivative of the Latin name Matthaeus and Greek name Matthais. The name has its root in the Hebrew word ‘Matityah’, which means ‘gift of God’.

2. Nojus:

Nojus is a good traditional name for your baby boy. Nojus originates from the Hebrew name Noah. In the Bible, Noah was the second progenitor of the human race. So, Nojus also has references to God.

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3. Dominykas:

Dominykas is the variation of the name Dom

inic. Dom or Nick will make perfect nicknames for your little boy.

4. Lukas:

Lukas is an ecclesiastic Lithuanian name deriving from the name Lucius. Lukas originates from the Greek name Loukas.

5. Dovydas:

Do you love the name David, but do not want to give your baby an ordinary name? Then you can go for Dovydas, a variation of the classic name. David, the second king of Israel, was one of the most famous bearers of this name.

6. Jokubas:

Jokubas comes from the name Jacob. The name has its root in ‘ya aqob’, which means ‘supplanting’.

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7. Aras:

Aras comes from the word ‘aras’, which means eagle. It isn’t easy to pronounce the name.

8. Azuolas:

The name Azuolas originates from the Lithuanian language. The meaning of this name is ‘oak wood’. It is not frequently used as a baby boy name, so if you want your son to stand out, name him Azoulas.

9. Darius:

This is one of the most popular Lithuanian names for boys. The name Darius is not only popular in Lithuania, but is also equally popular in Germany and Iran. The meaning of this name is ‘protector, upholder of good and a possessor of good’. Darius originates from Old Persian. It was the name of several Persian kings, including Darius I the Great.

10. Filip:

Filip is a variation of the name Philip. It is predominant in Poland, Ireland, Scandinavia and Slavic regions.

11. Fabius:

Fabius originates from the element ‘faba’, which means bean. The name means ‘grower of beans’. The name Fabius has an interesting story attached to it. It was the a Roman family name, whose bearers grew and sold the beans.

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12. Gediminas:

The name Gediminas has its origin and uses in the Lithuanian language. It was the name of the grand duke of Lithuania. If Gediminas is too traditional and old-fashioned for you, then you can go for Gedymin.

13. Paulinus:

The meaning of Paulinus is ‘humble, little’. It comes from the Latin name Paulus. The name was also borne by St. Paulinus of Nola.

14. Tavas:

How much you love your little bundle of joy is hard to estimate. The name Tavas signifies the same. It has Hebrew root, meaning ‘peacock’. Tavas is also a variant of Anthony.

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15. Waldemar:

The name Waldemar comes from a German word, meaning ‘power’. This two element name comes from the words ‘wald’, which means ‘great and ‘meri’, which means ‘famous’.

No matter which of these Lithuanian baby boy names you choose for your baby, be rest assured that you won’t be hearing it at every child gathering. So which ones of Lithuanian boy names did you like the most? Tell us by leaving a comment below.