35 Names Of Hindu Goddess Durga For Your Baby Girl

Hindu Goddess Durga For Your Baby Girl

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Now that your baby is home, it is time to get down to business. The first thing you need to do is find her a good name. She needs to have her identity as soon as possible.

If you are particularly religious, or are looking for a strong baby name, you can consider baby names that mean Goddess Durga. Yes! Durga is known by several names in India.

Here are 35 baby girl names that embrace the strength and beauty of Goddess Durga:

1. Aishani:

Goddess Durga is a symbol of strength. Aishani is another name for the goddess of strength. It is a name that sounds feminine but has a strong meaning!

2. Baruni:

According to Hindu mythology, Durga came into being to defeat Mahisasur, evil personified. At her core, Durga is the feminine Parvati. Baruni is a beautiful variation of Goddess Durga’s name.

3. Isha:

Isha means ‘Durga – the female energy or the one who protects’. It is a name that can be found in the Hebrew culture too, albeit with a different meaning.

4. Kaamakya:

Goddess Durga is known as Kaamakya in Assam, a state in the east of India. It also means ‘the granter of wishes’.

5. Gayatri:

Gayatri is a versatile name. Apart from referring to Goddess Durga, it also means ‘mother of the Vedas’ and ‘chant of salvation’.

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6. Kaalaka:

Kaalaka is not a name you’ll often hear. Apart from being another name for Goddess Durga, the name also means ‘pupil of the eye’.

7. Kanyaka:

If you are looking for a name that reflects your faith in Durga, try Kanyaka. It means ‘ in the words of Goddess Durga’. The best part about this unique name is that it has several other meanings! The name also means ‘daughter, the youngest, and maiden’.

8. Kaushiki:

Durga is the epitome of the female ‘shakti’ or strength. If you name your daughter Kaushiki, you’ll not just give her name that symbolizes this strength but also means ‘one who is enveloped in silk’ – that sounds truly feminine, doesn’t it?

9. Niranjana:

The beauty about Indian names is that a single name can have a number of meanings. Take the case of Niranjana. It is not just another name of Goddess Durga but also means ‘a river’ and ‘the night of the full moon’.

10. Rima:

Are you looking for a name with universal appeal but a very Indian meaning? Try Rima! It has its origin in Persian and Arabic, apart from Sanskrit. It refers to Durga – the goddess of strength. It also means ‘white antelope’.

11. Purala:

The magnificent heroine of Hindu mythology, Durga teaches loyalty and bravery. Purala is reflection of Durga. What better name for your little warrior? The name also means ‘the guardian of fortresses’.

12. Santati:

If you are a devotee of Goddess Durga but don’t want to burden your daughter with a name that sounds too traditional, try Santati. It means ‘granter of issues’ and is also another name of Durga.

13. Sarita:

Sarita is a very common name among Hindu families. But did you know that it means Goddess Durga? The name also means ‘river’. It is a unique name that finds mention in Spanish and Hebrew cultures too.

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14. Sarvani:

Durga is not just another Goddess! She is the feminine part of this universe! She is the Yin, to Shiva’s Yang! Sarvani encapsulates this very aspect of the goddess and means ‘universal or complete’.

15. Sattviki:

Durga is the goddess of strength. She is also a symbol of purity. As Sattviki, Durga reflects the most ‘pure, honest and true’ part of her being.