6 Useful Ways To Pick The Perfect Nick Name For Your Baby Girl

Perfect Nick Name For Your Baby Girl

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Congratulations! You are now the proud parents of an adorable baby girl.Nothing can match the joy of seeing your angel cuddled in your arms and enjoying this wonderful feeling, right?

We understand how special your baby is for you. As you settle into your role of parenthood, you can’t help but call your precious many different names of love. Calling out to your baby using different endearments is natural, but soon, your baby will start understanding her name.

Thus it is important that, as much as you will be finalizing a name for her, you pick a cute nickname for her too. This will be that affectionate name with which you will always address your baby girl. Also, your baby will feel loved and special when called by her nick name.

Pick The Perfect Nick Name

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6 Ways To Pick Cute Nicknames For Girls:

There are many ways in which you can select perfect and cool nick names for girls.

1. Shorten Her Official Name:

A nick name should be short and simple.

  • In case you have already selected her real or official name, then you can try to find a shorter version of that name.
  • You can select the 2-4 initial letters or you can try for the last 2-4 letters.
  • To make it more unique you should chose the last letters of her real name
  • If the name is very long, you can even pick random letters from it
  • For instance, if you name your daughter Khwisha, you can use a nick name for her as Isha.

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2. Combination Is The Trick:

If you are looking for a distinct name altogether, then opt for combinations.

  • You can combine the first name and the middle name.
  • You can also combine the first name and the last name.
  • When you make a combination, take a few letters from the first name and match it with a few letters from the second and last name.
  • This will give you more chances of finding a unique name

3. Try Out Synonyms:

Nowadays parents opt for names which have a sensible meaning.

  • While you select the nick name for your baby girl, turn to her real name.
  • Find out its various meanings.
  • You can use a short and sweet meaning of the real name as nick name.
  • This way you can make a charming nick name for your baby girl without diluting the meaning of the original one.
  • If you named your daughter as Muskaan, then any synonym like Khushi can work out as a good option.

4. Be Creative:

If you are a believer in the saying that ‘first impression is the last impression’ choose a name based on something that first came to your mind when you first saw your baby.

  • It is quite an easy way to find a nick name which best suits your baby girl
  • Such a name will also ensure that are always reminded of the that special moment in your life

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5. Appealing Fictitious Name:

There is always a particular name which you may have liked. It might be a popular cartoon character or a name used for any character in a movie or book.

  • You can give such names to your baby so that whenever you call her by this name you not only enjoy it, but also relate it to your favourite character or person.
  • If you like any character, like Alice from the Alice in Wonderland story, or some other character, you can choose to call your daughter the same

6. Pass The Legacy:

You can also pass on a name to your baby girl that you were called with when you were a child yourself.

  • You can also make small alterations to the name, if you do not want to give her the same name but want to retain its meaning.
  • This is a good way to let your childhood days come alive and make it share with your daughter.
  • If your parents nicknamed you Padma then you can choose a similar or rhyming name for your daughter.

Important Criteria For Finalizing A Nick Name:

Whether you accept it or not, it is true that most parents often take more time in finalizing the real or actual name for their baby as compared to the time taken to find a nick name.

In everyday life, it is the nick name by which you will call your baby girl more often. Thus it is important that you pay equal attention in selecting a nick name for her.

You should keep the following things in mind before you select a nickname for your darling daughter:

1. Acceptance:

In trying to make your baby’s name unique and different, don’t make it unacceptable for her. The name should be such that even when your baby grows up she might like being called the same.

2. No Further Twists:

Take proper care that the nick name is not further altered and changed into a different name. Otherwise, the nick name shall lose its relevance.

3. Simple & Sweet:

It is very important that the nick name is easy to pronounce and sounds soothing to the ears. It should always make the child feel at home

4. Non Abusive:

In no case it should happen that when you call your baby by a nick name in front of others, it is embarrassing for her. Also no one should make fun or abuse her for her name.

5. Unique Or Popular:

It is up to you to decide as to which side of the continuum you should bend. Making it too unique might make it awkward and sometimes a popular name is too soothing for the ears.

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Some Popular Nick Names For Baby Girls:

There are some nicknames which are often given to baby girls. Here is a list of some of the most popular Indian nicknames for baby girls:

  • Gudiya
  • Sonu
  • Rani
  • Pinky
  • Nila
  • Chinki
  • Tweety
  • Pia
  • Chutki
  • Nikki
  • Babli
  • Toasty
  • Silky
  • Pihu
  • Romy

We are sure that these tips will help you in selecting the best nickname for girls. We would love to know what name you finally decided on for your baby, so make sure you let us know in the comments below.

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