15 Popular Albanian Baby Boy Names

Albanian Baby Boy Names

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Are you looking for baby boy names steeped in the Albanian heritage? Do you want to give your child a unique name that will make him stand apart in the crowd? If you are moving your head in agreement, then we have come to your aid. Here is a comprehensive list of Albanian baby boy names for your prince.

1. Abdyl:

Abdyl is a name with enormous charm and energy. Abdyl is a modern form of the name Abdullah. Its newfound popularity stems from its association with Abdyl Kellezi, the Albanian politician.

2. Altin:

Altin is a strong and friendly name that is very popular with the Albanians. It is a perfect name if you are looking for a formal name starting with ‘A’. Altin comes from Old Turkic word ‘altun’, which means ‘gold’.

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3. Arben:

Arben is a unique name to consider for your little Prince. Arben was the collective name of the citizens of the Illyrian principality. The name means ‘brave’, a virtue to bestow on your little boy.

4. Arber:

Milo is one of the highly recommended Albanian baby boy names in our list. The name Arber represents the demonym of Albania. It is also the toponym of the Illyrian tribe of ‘Abri’. The Abri people inhabited a part of the modern day Albania. The name Arber means ‘field, cropland’.

5. Armend:

Thousands of parents of every year choose the name Armend. It has a statesmanlike appeal to it. Armend is a masculine Albanian name meaning ‘golden mind’. The name comes from the elements ‘ar’, which means ‘golden’ and ‘mend’, which means ‘mind’.

6. Bardhyll:

Bardhyll is a legendary name to consider for your kid. It comes from the name Bardyllis. It was the name of an ancient Illyrian king. The name means ‘white star’.

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7. Driton:

Driton is a variant of Dritan. Driton Tony Dovolani, an Albanian professional ballroom dancer, is a popular bearer of this name. This trendy name will go well with the current generation.

8. Genti:

The name Genti has a boost as a prominent name over the years. Many eminent Albanian personalities share the name Genti. Genti was the name of the last Illyrian king of the Ardiaen kingdom.

9. Ilir:

Ilir is a charming Albanian baby boy name. It comes from the name of a tribe in Southwester Europe. The name means ‘freedom or free’. Ilir was also the son of Harmony and Cadmus in the Albanian mythology.

10. Mirarber:

The Albanian name Mirarber is composed of two parts- Mire, which means good and Arber, which means predecessors of Albanians. The name means ‘a good Arber’.

11. Mirlind:

Mirlind comes from the elements ‘mire’, which means ‘good, well’ and ‘lind’, which means ‘bring forth’. The name Mirlind means ‘well born’.

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12. Erjon:

The smooth and sophisticated name Erjon is slowing beginning to climb the popularity chart. Erjon is a stunning Albanian name meaning ‘our wind’. The name is also famous as a surname.

13. Nderim:

Nderim means ‘honor’, a virtue that every parent would want their child to have’. Commoners neglected this name for decades, but some trendy parents are now restoring it.

14. Jetmir:

Jetmir is a perennial favorite Albanian name. It is one of the few names that sound classic, yet modern. It means ‘good life’.

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15. Liridon:

The name Liridon means ‘desire for freedom’. The people of Albania regard it as a patriotic name. The name is popular with Albanians living out of Albania.

Hope you liked our collection of Albanian boy names and meanings. The name you choose for your baby will become his identity. So give him a name that he will be proud to flaunt. Which one of these Albanian names for boys did you pick? Tell us in the comment below.