20 Most Popular Names For Your Baby Boys


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Congrats on the new arrival!

As you step into a new phase and become parents, best wishes are in order for your little prince and the promotion as parents. Your happiness is sure to be brimming if you have a baby boy in your life! Are you looking for the perfect name for your precious boy?

A name creates and cements the identity of a child, and naming is one of the most exciting experiences of parenting. Amongst thousands and millions of names, it is your duty and joy to select one unique name with your lineage and bestow it on your child.

The sections below comprise of an array of names among which there are common names, names having religious meaning or name after a genius. But how do you make a final choice? Let us know some tips and suggestions on how to pick the best name for your little munchkin first!

A Name Or Two:

As the entire family fusses over your new prince, finding a good name for him takes utmost prominence. Many people look for not one but two names for

their sons, and with good reason. A good name, for school and another one with which one would like to call one’s child lovingly at home. This is also a great way to allow you to stick to both the names you started searching months before your son was even born!

Getting Online Help:

The internet and ‘www’ (World Wide Web) can be your new found best friend to look for popular baby boy names for your son. Focus your search around a particular meaning or any word you like, for which you can look for synonyms. If you search patiently you will be amazed to find several directories of popular baby boy names. In fact, these websites have such comprehensive lists, that you will be lost for choice.

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Talk To Your Near And Dear:

Your close circle of family and friends are the best people to ask for a good name suggestion. Ask them for their help and you might just find something you like. Talk to people to know where they did their search and see how you want to name your child accordingly.

Do It With Your Heart:

Do you want to give him a name that is more masculine or one that expresses your profound and deep love for your child? As parents, you could focus to find a baby boy name that you think reflects your little one’s personality. You can always keep looking for meanings of words that you like and use it to address your little son. Think as per your preferences and decide on the best one after discussing it with your spouse.

Those were a few ways you could get one step closer to picking a baby boy name that does justice to your beloved son.

Popular Baby Boy Names:

Now here is a narrowed search through which you can select the names for your baby. This can help you make a final choice indeed.

Popular Names

Giving a popular, oft-used name for your baby boy is the norm. Some popular boy names include Raj, Krishna, Ram, Vivek, Yashwant, Raghuveer, Rajan, Vikram, Neeraj, Suren, Rahul, Dev, Jeevan, Kiran, Arun, Anand, Mahindra, Mukesh, Yogendra, and Ravi.

Religious Names

It is said that a child is a gift from God. Giving a God’s name to a child is an evergreen favorite, especially with the Indian community. Popularly many boys are named after gods, and some common names are Ram, Krishna, Ravi, Kiran, Arjun, and Vijay.

Another reason many parents name their baby after a God is so that their child would inherit the God’s characteristics, discipline and be more spiritually attuned to the god.