101 Most Popular Norse Mythology Names

Norse Mythology Names

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Norse Mythology, also known as the Scandinavian mythology, is a body of myths of the North Germanic people. The Norse mythology comprises of tales of various gods, deities, and heroes from before and after the Pagan period.

Are you looking for some unusual names for your child? Then venture into the realm of Norse folk heroes, fantastical creatures, gods and goddesses for naming your child. Here are 100 names from Norse mythology that you can consider for your baby.

Norse Mythology Names For Girls:

1. Hildr:

Hildr was the name of a Valkyrie in the Norse legend. It is the Old Norse cognate of Hilda.

2. Astrilde:

Astrilde was a Norse Goddess equivalent of Cupid. She was the Goddess of love.

3. Signy:

Signy was the twin sister of Sigmund and the wife of Siggeir in the Norse mythology. The name is derived from Norse elements ‘sigr’, which means ‘victory’ and ‘ny’, which means ‘new’.

4. Siv:

Norse female names are special. Siv was the wife of Thor in Norse Mythology. Her nam

e means ‘bride’ in Old Norse.

5. Skadi:

Skadi was the mountain giant in the Norse mythology. She was the wife of Njord and then of Odin. Her name Skadi means ‘damage’ in Old Norse.

6. Hulda:

Huda was the name of a sorcerer in the Norse mythology. It is derived from an archaic name ‘huld’, which means ‘sweet and lovable’. The name means ‘hiding or secrecy’.

7. Nanna:

The name Nanna is derived from an Old Norse word ‘nanp’, which means ‘daring and brave’. In Norse mythology, she was a goddess who died of grief when her husband was killed. The norse girl names are exotic and unique.

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8. Atla:

Atla was a minor water goddess in the Norse mythology. The name Atla means ‘water’.

9. Eir:

Eir was a Norse goddess of healing and medicine. Her name means mercy. Eir is pronounced as ire.

10. Eisa:

Eisa was the daughter of the trickster god, Loki. The name is pronounced as Ii-sa.

11. Embla:

Embla was a goddess equivalent of Eve in Norse mythology. She was created from a tree along with her partner Ask. The name means ‘elm tree’.

12. Freya:

Freya was the goddess of love, war, death and beauty in Norse mythology. Her name is also spelled Freya and Freja. The name Freya is very popular in the United States. It means ‘lady’.

13. Idunn:

Idunn was the goddess of spring and the guard of the golden apples. The apples were capable of giving eternal youth to anyone who ate them. The name is pronounced as Ih-Dunn.

14. Saga:

Saga was a goddess who was mostly depicted drinking with Odin. She was the source of the world saga.

15. Angrboda:

Angrboda was the mistress of the trickster Loki. She was a giantess who spawned three monsters- the Midgard Serpent Jormungand, gigantic wolf Fenrir, and Hel.

16. Sol:

Sol was the sun goddess in Norse mythology. The name Sol means ‘bright as sun’.

17. Verdandi:

Verdandi was one of the Norns in Norse mythology. She was the goddess charged with determining the destiny.

18. Skuld:

Skuld was the goddess of destiny in Norse mythology. She was also one of the Valkyries. The name Skuld means ‘ future’.

19. Svanhild:

Svanhild was the daughter of Gudrun and Sigurd in the Norse mythology. The name Svanhild is the Scandinavian cognate of Swanhild.

20. Gerd:

Gerd was the goddess of fertility in Norse mythology. She was a frost giantess and the wife of Freyr. The name Gerd means ‘enclosure’.

21. Urd:

Urd was one of the three Norns in Norse mythology. She was the goddess of destiny. The name Urd means ‘fate’.

22. Grid:

Grid was the frost giantess in the Norse mythology. She was the mother of Vioarr. Grid also assisted Thor in his fight against the giant Geirrod. The name Grid means ‘peace’.

23. Borghild:

Borghild was the wife of Sigmund in the Norse mythology. The name is derived from the old Norse elements, borg, which means ‘fortification’, and hildr, which means ‘battle’.

24. Groa:

In Norse mythology, Groa was the name of a Goddess. After his death, she married Atli. The name is derived from the Old Norse word groa, which means ‘to grow’.

25. Heidrun:

Heidrun was the name of the goat that would eat tree leaves and provide mead in her udder. The name Heidrun means ‘bright and clear’.

26. Hel:

Hel was the name of Loki’s daughter in Norse mythology. She got her name from the underworld called Hel.

27. Gudrun:

Gudrun was the wife of Sigurd in the Greek mythology. The name Gudrun means ‘god’s secret love’.

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28. Frigg:

Frigg was the goddess of the earth, fertility, and air in the Norse mythology. Her name means ‘beloved’ in Old Norse.