Top 35 Sanskrit Baby Names For Your Little Girl


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Congratulations! You are now a mother. Among your new duties is the most important task of finding your daughter a name! Have you considered giving your little one a Sanskrit name?

Sanskrit is often associated with ancient India. Maybe that is why not many parents look to give their babies a Sanskrit name. But with a little research, you’ll find names that are not just unique but also meaningful.

Here are the top 35 unique Sanskrit baby girl names:

1. Athulya:

All baby girls are special. But your daughter is one in a billion. Athulya means ‘incomparable’. It is grounded in tradition but sounds very exotic.

2. Abhitha:

The name Abhita has a uniqueness to it that makes it attractive. If you are looking for a name that is unique but has a traditional meaning, go with Abhitha. It is another name for the goddess Parvati.

3. Amodini:

Does the name Amodini sound interesting? Ambodini means ‘happy girl’. It is a good mix of the exotic with the trendy.

4. Apoorva:

There are billions of humans on earth but each one of them is unique. So is your daughter. Name her Apoorva, which means ‘rare’ in Sanskrit.

5. Bodhita:

A pretty name with an even prettier meaning, Bodhita is a great option for families who are ready to step out of their comfort zone. The name means ‘enlightened’.

6. Bhama:

Your little one has made your life a little brighter. Bhama means ‘filled with brightness, splendor, and luster’. An apt name for your little sunshine!

7. Bhumi:

Looking for a grounded name? Try Bhumi or Bhoomi. It refers to the earth and is a very strong name.

8. Bodhi:

The name Bodhi means ‘one who has attained enlightenment and supreme knowledge.’ It is a unique name and will help your daughter carve a niche for herself.

9. Chandrabha:

Poetry and prose – you’ll find tons of material singing praise of the moon’s beauty. In India, moon is synonymous with beauty. So, name your lovely daughter Chandrabha, which means ‘light of the moon’.

10. Chitrangada:

Are you interested in Hindu mythology? Then you would have heard of Chitrangada, the name of Arjun’s beautiful wife, from the epic Mahabharata. The name means ‘a fragrant material’.

11. Charusheela:

Beauty is surely not skin-deep. As a parent, it is up to you to teach your daughter the importance of inner beauty. The name Charusheela will help you in this regard. It means ‘beautiful character or personality’.

12. Chakrika:

Chakrika – it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The name refers to Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, according to Hindu mythology.

13. Deepkala:

Evenings are filled with a sense of accomplishment, after a day well spent. Deepkala means ‘evening time’. It is a nice name with a very deep meaning.

14. Dishitha:

Today, girls have dreams and ambitions, just like any boy. For these dreams to come true, your daughter will need focus. Name her Dishitha, which means ‘focus’ in Sanskrit.

15. Dyuthi:

Dyuthi is a very uncommon Sanskrit name and means ‘one who is as bright as the light’. It is the perfect name for a little being who has made your life more luminous.

16. Divija:

Like all parents, you have great hopes for your daughter. With the right support, there is nothing she cannot achieve. Divija means ‘one born to perform great things’.

17. Darsatha:

In India, girls are just now beginning to come out from behind veils. Darsatha means ‘visible’ – a cry for equality!

18. Devanshi:

According to basic Hinduism, every being has a spark of the divine. Your daughter too is part of the eternal fire. Devanshi means ‘divine’ in Sanskrit.

19. Dharithri:

The earth is our home, the provider of life. What better name for your daughter than Dharithri, which means earth?

20. Dhuni:

Are you looking for a Sanskrit name that is not too complex? Try Dhuni. It means ‘like a river’.

21. Ekathva:

Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas. According to the Hindu Holy Scriptures, the ultimate goal in life is to attain oneness with the divine. Ekathva means ‘oneness’.

22. Ekaparnika:

Ekaparnika is a great name for families who like unique names. It refers to ‘Goddess Durga’.

23. Elakshi:

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. True, isn’t it? Elakshi means ‘a woman with bright eyes’. An ode to your baby’s beautiful eyes!

24. Hiranya:

In India, gold is not just a metal. It is a symbol of wealth and purity. Name your daughter Hiranya, which means ‘gold’ in Sanskrit.

25. Gunanidhi:

As a parent, you worry not just about your baby’s health, but also about giving her the right values. The name Gunanidhi means ‘stockpile of good qualities’.

26. Gunjitha:

There is nothing prettier than the sound of nature. Your baby’s laughter is music to your ears. The beautiful name Gunjitha means ‘humming of the bees’.

27. Gomeda:

Who needs precious stones when they have a child as beautiful and precious as your daughter? How about naming her Gomeda, which means ‘one who is like a gem’?

28. Kanti:

Who said Sanskrit names are all about difficult pronunciation? Kanti is a great Sanskrit name with a simple spelling. It means ‘light, lovely, or luster’.

29. Hemakshi:

Does your baby have beautiful eyes? Name her Hemakshi, which means ‘golden eyes’ in Sanskrit.

30. Kusumina:

Flowers reflect the most beautiful aspect of nature. They also signify the birth of a new life. Kusumina is an interesting Sanskrit name and means ‘flowered’.

31. Lavanthika:

Are you a musical family? Then you can try the name Lavanthika. It refers to a raga.

32. Manishitha:

You sent out a wish to the universe, and it came true in the form of your daughter! A blessed baby like your daughter deserves a special name like Manishitha, which means ‘wish’ in Sanskrit.

33. Nirmuktha:

A true feminist name, Nirmuktha means ‘free of bondage’. The perfect name for a girl of this generation!

34. Rohati:

Rohati means ‘to grow’. Growth is the only way forward. You, as a mother, will need to hold your little darling’s hand and help her climb the heights of success.

35. Thitiksha:

Tolerance is often given a negative connotation. But being tolerant is anything but negative and requires a strong will. Thitiksha means ‘tolerance’ in Sanskrit.

Each one of these names can help your daughter stand apart in a crowd. The best part about these names is that they will your daughter stay connected with her roots and culture.

So, which is your favorite Sanskrit baby girl name? Tell us!

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