6 Simple Tips To Choose A Unique Indian Name For Your Baby Boy


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It’s a great moment of happiness with the arrival of your baby boy. Congratulations! You are blessed. Now is the time to do your part and choose a good name for your bundle of joy.

Names have their own special significance, which is why choosing a good name for your baby is very important. Every parent wants their child to bear a suitable yet meaningful name, which he/she can relate to easily in future and feel satisfied about. Your relatives and friends can be of great help to choose the appropriate name for your son.

But apart from this, various mediums such as the internet, dictionaries, magazines, etc. are available to help readers select the best names for their babies. So with the purpose of presenting your baby boy with his first gift from mommy and daddy, you should be prepared to dedicate quality time searching for a unique name.

Unique Indian Baby Boy Names:

To make things easier for you, here we’ve put down some simple tips to make your search easier. Read on.

1. Traditional Origin:

Sanskrit names are actually very popular in Indian culture, where the name of a child plays an important role. Choose from names like Pranav, Prateek, Prakrit which are good and have wonderful meanings. Some Sanskrit names are easy to pronounce are Pragna, Gyan, Abhishek, Tejo Ram, Chakradharetc.

2. The Combination Of English And Indian Names:

There is a lot of popularity for English names and there are instances where these have been connected with unique Indian names for boys; think Allen Raj, Victor Singh, Lionel Vijay, Anthony Raj, etc.

3. Spiritually Inclined Names:

Religious parents would like to include the name of a particular God or deity that they have faith in, with the view that the blessings will descend upon the baby. Names likeKrishna, Ram, Arjun, Uday, Ravi, Praveen, Kartik, Vasu, Vinay, Vimal, Varun, Indra, Mahendra, Surendra have always been very popular. Parents prefer to accept these with the belief that their children will be guarded by their namesake deity.

4. Modern Names:

If you’re on the hunt for modern names, choose from names like Vicky, Ricky, Ronu, Romul. Sometimes parents would like to take the names of grandparents or combine the last name with the one they have chosen, to create a new name. This is also a very novel idea when it comes to naming your baby.

5. Mythological Names:

You can also name your baby after an Indian mythological character; choose fromParas, Vashist, Vishwanath, Prabhu, Arya. Hindu mythology offers hundreds of unique Indian boy names. These have to be researched carefully in order to choose and find the most suitable name.

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6. Anglo-Indian Names:

These are very special in a way and are also easy to use. They give a very special emphasis – Patrick Mano, Peter Raj, Richard Bhushan are good examples.

An Innovative Trend of Choosing a Unique Name for Your Baby Boy:

Common names have been in use for many years. Selecting a unique name takes a lot of special effort. Names attached with a special meaning e.g. Charles Teja, Surya Vaikunta, Vaishno Das, and Indra Sen. There are many parents who wish to derive new and unique names out of their names. Sometimes they also choose to consider their ancestor’s names. They are of the opinion that children will carry on their family legacy of humility, kindness and reputation of character. Being a very creative and innovative task, it certainly requires a lot of patience and sensibility.

Steps To Choose A Unique Name For Your Baby Boy:

In order to finalize the name, it is always good to follow a particular process in the following order.

1. Plan out a good selection of names:

Choose the ones that you and your spouse particularly like. Arrange these in alphabetical order.

2. Pick a letter that suits your baby boy’s features:

Start collecting as many as names possible with that letter. Check their meanings thoroughly and analyze your search carefully.

Remember that every name carries certain original characteristics that are believed to get attached with the newborn. Idealize how you wish your darling baby boy to be when he grows up; work towards that goal in choosing the name.

Never delay in naming your child. Make a final list of 5 names. Shortlist three and finally, take your pick!

Good luck with naming your baby! We hope you have an enjoyable experience in doing so! Share your ideas on unique Indian baby boy names in the comment section given below.

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