Top 15 Ugandan Names For Your Baby

Ugandan Names For Your Baby

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Do you want to give your baby to have a one-of-a-kind name? Are you looking for a name that honors your Ugandan ethnicity? If you nodded along in agreement, you should read this post.

Uganda is a multilingual country in East Africa. More than 40 indigenous languages are spoken within its borders, with English and Swahili being the official languages. Ugandan names represent the beauty and traditions passed down through generations. The diverse tribes across the country provide a wealth of naming heritage. Here is our collection of 15 Ugandan baby names for you to consider.

Ugandan Girl Names:

1. Dembe:

Dembe is a buoyant and rhythmic name with a beautiful meaning. The name would go well with your little angel’s personality. Dembe means ‘peace’.

2. Marjani:

The name Marjani has a pan-cultural feel to it. It is currently in vogue and shows no sign of getting out of favor. A popular bearer of this name is Marjani Satrapi, an Iranian graphic novelist. The meaning of Marjani

is ‘coral’.

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3. Amaka:

The feminine name Amaka is a diminutive of the name Chiamaka. It originates in the African language. The name carries a beautiful meaning ‘God is gorgeous’.

4. Kia:

Kia is a sweet and simple name with loads of global appeal. Many Americans and British people name their little girls Kia. It means ‘season’s beginning’.

5. Kamali:

Kamali is a traditional Ugandan name. According to Uganda mythology, Kamali is the spirit who protects the babies from disease and illness. Kamali means ‘protector’. Choose this name if you want a traditional name for your girl.

6. Ife:

Ife is a simple Ugandan name. It remains unknown in Europe and the United States, which makes it a perfect choice for parents looking for a bold name for their daughter. The meaning of Ife is ‘love’.

7. Eshe:

Eshe is a variant of the name Asha, a name derived from the classic Arabic name Aisha. It is an appealing Ugandan choice, considering so many familiar variants of this name. Eshe means ‘life.’

8. Afia:

Afia is a variant of the name Afua, meaning ‘born on Friday’. It will make a modern choice for your baby.

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Ugandan Boy Names:

1. Amare:

Amare is a Ugandan baby boy name meaning ‘one who builds’. This mellow and musical name has been climbing the popularity charts.

2. Mukisa:

Though Mukisa is a distinguished Ugandan name, it runs the risk of sounding feminine. The name Mukisa means ‘good fortune’.

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3. Kaikara:

Kaikara is the traditional name of God in Uganda language. This exotic and usual name is worth considering if you are looking for an extraordinary name for your baby.

4. Ajani:

Ajani is a famous name in Uganda, but may not work too well outside the country. The meaning of Ajani is ‘victor’.

5. Ebo:

Ebo is a mighty Uganda name to consider for your baby. It means ‘born on Tuesday’, so you can use this name to fit its definition.

6. Kojo:

Kojo is a nickname-sounding name. The tribal people of Uganda associate this name with boys born on Monday.

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7. Shangho:

The name Shangho is much more significant than it sounds. Shangho is the ‘god of thunder’ in African mythology. Shangho was also the ancestor of the Bagishu tribe.

Make sure to research the meaning of a name before you begin using it. Some names sound beautiful, but may not have the meaning your child will like.

So which name did you like most from our list of popular ugandan names? We loved Afia, Amare, and Ebo. What about you? Tell us about your favorite ones below.