25 Best Twin Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Twin Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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There is hardly anything that can make married couples happier than the birth of a child. The little bundle of joy fills their life with a sense of unprecedented happiness, contentment and hope. The joy may be doubled when twins are born. Whether it is twin boys or girls, the parents go through a mixed rainbow of feelings after welcoming the twins in the Earth. While your days after birth of twin boys may be filled with planning for all possible care and comfort, it is also important that you choose fitting names for them.

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Why Go For Russian Baby Names?

You may pick various types of names for your twin baby boys. Parents who want to give unique names to their twin make kids may opt for Russian origin names. These names are known for tonal quality and meanings. Russian names are generally not short and they take a while to pronounce. A majority of such names are not influenced by Christianity. Examples o

f some Russian names that you can pick for your twin boys include Aleksei, Dmitriy, Fyodor and Nikolai.

Things To Consider While Choosing Twin Baby Boy Names With Meanings:

There are a few things to consider when you name twins. Twins usually have lots of similarities in their appearance and nature. The names should not have drastically different meanings as well. You should choose such names for twin male kids that sound sweet, unique and indicate they have something in common without sounding too similar. You may opt for names that signify colours, natural objects, and human quality or have divine connotations. Sometimes, parents opt for such baby boy names for twins that sound different, but have same meaning more or less.

If you are blessed with twin male kids, consider the below listed baby names for twin boys:

1. Aakash, denotes the sky and Prakash, meaning light.

2. Abhay and Nirbhay, both meaning fearless.

3. Achal, denotes constant and Amar meaning the immortal.

4. Ajay- meaning the invincible and Vijay which means the victory.

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5. Chand- denotes the moon, Suraj -meaning the Sun.

6. Dheer-denotes gentle, and Veer-denoting the brave.

7. Girish, denotes the god of mountain and Harish- which means Lord Shiva.

8. Hemant, meaning early winter and Sumant which means Wise.

9. Hitesh –meaning the lord of Goodness and Ritesh, denoting the Lord Of truth.

10. Jayan and Vijayan- both denoting victory.

11. Kamal- meaning lotus and Vimal meaning pure.

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12. Ketan, meaning home and Chetan- meaning life.

13. Manav- meaning man and Abhinav, meaning novel or innovative.

14. Madhur- meaning sweet and Milan-meaning union.

15. Mohan-denoting someone who is charming and Rohan-denoting ascending.

16. Mohit- meaning one who is attracted and Rohit – meaning red.

17. Naveen- meaning new and Praveen denoting one who is skilled.

18. Nilesh is a name of Lord Krishna while Shailesh denotes God of mountain.

19. Nishant means the Dawn while Vishant is another name of Vishnu.

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20. Pinank is a name of Lord Shiva while Piyush means milk.

21. Prashant means calm and Sushant means quiet.

22. Sachit means Consciousness while Rachit means invention.

23. ahil means the guide and Rahil means the traveler.

24. Sanjeev means giving life and Rajeeb stands for achiever.

25. Harsh means happiness while Sparsh denotes touch.

Hope you like our list of baby names for twins boys. While some parents opt for westernized or mixed names, you should choose twin baby boy names that do not sound frivolous in any way. Everyone is known by his name and when it comes to naming twin siblings, you have to be a tad more careful. The twins baby boy names should not be difficult to pronounce as well. You may also consider keeping middle names for your twin baby boys.

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