101 Sweet & Cute Baby Girl Names With Meanings


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Cute Girl Names, Congratulations mommy and daddy! After a long wait of those lovely nine months, you finally have a little bundle of joy in your arms. Or, maybe, you’ve just got the exciting news and can’t wait for the moment to arrive.

A new baby means many new things and toys, and one more thing that will be brand new is – a baby name.

For those of you who have been blessed with a little princess, or are in process of selecting a lovely girl name before your baby actually arrives, here are a few beautiful names you can take a pick from.

101 Cute Baby Girl Names For You:

Whether you are looking for a traditional or Pretty Girl names, Check out our pick of 101 pretty & cute baby girl names for you.

1. Azalea: This is a beautiful pink flower that most of us have seen around us, but don’t really know the name. TheAzalea is known for its beautiful pink petals and can be a very unique name for your daughter.

2. Dahlia: This name means a bunch of single beautiful flowers on

a “valley”.

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3. Daisy: This is the name of the beautiful white flower which is a flowering spring plant. It is one of the most common flower names around the world. It can be a simple, beautiful and elegant name for your bundle of joy.

4. Jasmine: The beautiful and fresh smelling flowers are known for their enchanting fragrance. The best part is that it is also the name of the beautiful princess Jasmine, from the classic story Aladdin, and is a favourite of children.

5. Lilac: Its a softer version of purple and is best described as a mix of soft purple and blue. The lilac flowers are one of the most beautiful flowering bunches.

6. Lily: This beautiful and big flowering plant has some striking colors and strong petals. It is known for its regalia and elegant look.

7. Rose: This flower or its name needs no special mention, but it can rightfully be said that this is one flower that has been made immortal with Shakespeare’s famous lines – “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. While rose also has a very religious reference, it remains one of the most commonly used names for girls.

8. Zinnia: This is a lesser known flower and can be a very unique name for your baby girl. The Zinnia flowers are beautiful multi-coloured small flowers that add vibrancy to any garden, come spring.

9. Poz: This is a very different, short and beautiful name which means peace.

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10. Siri: This unique name means “beautiful victory”.

11. Mila: The word Mila is of Greek origins and means pleasant or friendly. It is also a word from the Swahili language which means “tradition”. A very famous Hollywood actress who shares the name is Mila Kunis.

12. Kahea: This again is a very unique name and is of Hawaiian origin. It means “heaven’s call”.

13. Enna: A beautiful name which means light.

14. Amal: The beautiful sounding word means ‘pure.’ It also means ‘obedience’ in different Indian languages like Hindi and Bengali.

15. Opal: The word has Sanskrit origins which means “gem”. It is also a very precious and rare stone that takes on various colours.

16. Pearl: This is the beautiful and rare stone that is found in the deep oceans. Each pearl takes ages to make and each one is unique and has its own different design.

17. Sapphire: The word means fire and it is also a beautiful yellow precious stone.

18. Nirupama: This name has Sanskrit origins. It means someone who is beyond comparison, who is unique.

19. Nirvana: Though the English band by the same name made this a globally famous word, the word actually carries has Indian origins. It means ‘a state of bliss and complete spiritual fulfillment.’

20. Ayanna: Much like your little one whose precious smiles and careless giggles make your heart warm up, this name means innocent.

21. Ayushi: This name has Hindu origins and means ‘a long life.’

22. Baruni: A very rare and uncommon word that is used to address the goddess Durga.

23. Bhanu: The word is used to refer to the sun. It is also another word for fame.

24. Aanya: This word with Indian origins means grace.

25. Aadhya: Aadhya is another name for the Indian goddess Durga

26. Anika: This is a very different and unique name which means grace and beauty.

27. Avani: The word avani is used in the Indian mythology to refer to the mother earth.


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