25 Stylish Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings


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If you are reading this article, it certainly means either you are basking in the joys of parenthood or are on the way to do so soon. Either way, you deserve a big congratulation! Despite the rapid progress in medical science, the phenomenon of childbirth from conception to delivery continues to amaze us till date.

In the world full of selfish motives and conditional affiliations, a child is someone who you can truly call your own. A relationship that is unconditional by all parameters. You, of course, are in for superlative bliss as you become proud parents of a beautiful princess. Bringing up a baby girl has its exclusive charm. The initial years are replete with the pleasure of frilly frocks and pretty clips! However, as your daughter matures, she will transform into a caring and responsible support system that you can always lean on. As they say, ‘A son is yours till he gets a wife. A daughter is yours for life’. So cherish this happiness as you just got a confidante f

or the rest of your life.

What Is In A Name!

The first big question on becoming parents that weighs heavy on the mind is the selection of an exceptionally good name for the precious one. When it comes to the selection process, there could be diverse viewpoints. Some of you may be a little superstitious and desire to toe the traditional line, when it comes to naming your child. However, there are others who are game to experiment and choose a name that is in vogue. One thing common among all parents is that they all want to gift a unique name to their bundle of joy. After all, each one of us desires our child to stand out in the sea of humanity. A name lasts for a lifetime. So why not opt for one that is rare and has a beautiful meaning too? In fact, many believe that the meaning of a name should always be positive as it influences a child’s life.

Here are some stylish baby girl names along with their respective meanings. These stylish names for baby girls are rare have a musical quality and rich connotations. Why wait? Go ahead and take your pick!

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Stylish Baby Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Adah: Adornment

2. Admaris: Noble one of the sea

3. Caden: Fighter

4. Parisa: Like a fairy

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5. Takara: Treasure

6. Aadita: From the beginning

7. Laboni: Grace

8. Laasya: Dance performed by the Goddess Parvathi

9. Rabhya: Worshipped

10. Saanvi: Goddess Lakshmi

11. Vahini: Flowing

12. Zarna: A small stream of sweet water

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13. Ashni: A flash of lightning

14. Eva: Life

15. Ameya: Boundless

16. Alethea: Truth

17. Raisa: Rose

18. Kaira: The name of a Hawaiian deity

19. Arezo: Wish

20. Mahin: Of the moon

21. Darice: Queenly

22. Amara: Eternal

23. Najia: Offspring

24. Benita: Blessed

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25. Ambra: Amber colored

The handy list of stylish girl names will surely spoil you for choice. Here’s a tip to help you out. Choose a name that goes well with your surname and give your doll a proud heritage! After all a name is one of your first gifts to your darling daughter, so go ahead and make it special!

Do tell us, which one from these stylish names for girls is your favorite. Also, let us know the name you finally selected for your little angel. Leave a comment below.

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