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Having a baby is one of the best moments of one’s life. As one becomes a parent, one realizes that there is so much beauty in this world and so much love to share. From the moment you hold your little princess in your hands, you are filled with this inexplicable feeling of joy, happiness and tears at the same time, that you are unable to comprehend the real meaning of your own feelings.

Having a child, is a blessing and the world’s best feeling at that. If one of you has recently been blessed with a little princess, we are here sending you many congratulations and best wishes on your way to parenthood. Becoming parents is perhaps a feeling one can never share with another, something each one of us has to experience for our own self.

On the other hand, searching for a good name, now that is something we all can help each other with. Shared here are a few simple tips and tricks to find unique names for girls. Finding a name is one of the toughest jobs, after you have held y

our little bundle of joy.

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Is It Really That Important To Find A Good Name?

Many people don’t emphasize on the importance of picking a good name for their child, while many others put a lot of time, thought, research and feelings to find the right name for their little one. In today’s world, one’s name is one’s identity. As much as you would want your daughter to have a nice and easy name, as parents you would also want it to be unique. Today, there is no dearth of where and which language can help you find a name you might like or love for your daughter. All worlds’ languages are at your disposal to pick and choose from.

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Need that head start:

If you are sure about what kind of meaning or expression you want to name your daughter after you can go online and search the synonyms for your choice of name. If you are looking for name sake, your work is reduced a lot since you know what the name will be. If you are looking for a unique name, you can also go speak to a language expert you can give you some amazing names in the local dialect or regional name that has an ethnic appeal. Names like Natasha are Russian in origin, but have mixed well in Indian names and sound ethnic.+

Where To Search For Unique Baby Girl Names?

If you want to look for unique girl names for your baby, start by asking your elders in the family as they can suggest some old names that are rooted in history and ethnic roots. Also, they would have a more detailed vocabulary in your native language as we are slowly progressing and using English as a medium to communicate. What’s more, they can also provide one with more authentic and closer to root names. As parents, one can build on these by searching for synonyms or unique words with the same meaning.

Have a list:

It is never easy to remember all the names you like or would like to have at your hand. It is important that you keep looking and keep adding all the names you like to a list. Slowly you can sort through and get rid of the ones you don’t like.

Alternately, you can also sit with each other and discuss each name, shortlist and proceed slowly to narrow down your choice for the name you would love and like to keep, keeping in mind its uniqueness, authenticity and ethnic sound according to the kind of name you are looking for and at.

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Here is the pick of the top 30 unique baby names for girls starting with the letter A-B-C that we suggest to you.

1. Adeelah- Honest and equal
2. Amira- Populated
3. Alia- Exalted
4. Aahna- Exist
5. Aayushi- With long life
6. Akshara- Letter
7. Alisha- Protected
8. Ami- Nectar
9. Ayati- Royal
10. Avni- Earth
11. Amithi- Unique
12. Amiya- Delightful
13. Abhitha- Fearless
14. Akriti- Diagram
15. Alpa- Little
16. Anamrita- Sun
17. Amvi- A goddess
18. Anati- Gift
19. Anurati- Consent
20. Ansha- Potion
21. Bageshri- Raaga
22. Basabi- Wife of Lord Indira
23. Bhanun- Charming lady
24. Bhavi- Emotional
25. Bipasha- River
26. Brinda- Tulasi
27. Chaaya- Shadow
28. Chavvi- Reflection
29. Chinmayi- Blissful
30. Chahna- Love

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These are just a few of the many unique baby girl names that you can pick. Be sure to understand the meaning of the name you pick and see if it complements your little daughter.
Happy Parenting and naming!

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