15 Amazing Albanian Names For Your Baby

Albanian Names For Your Baby

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Choosing names based on an uncommon region is a trend that most of the parents are following to find a name that is beautiful, yet different from other children. It is also a great way to honor the family and its history.

Albanian baby names are common in the Balkans, Bosnia, Italy, Ukraine, and Macedonia and of course Albania. Greek and Latin influence the names. Traditional Albanian names will add character and family heritage to your baby names. It will also be an unusual choice if you live somewhere other than Albania. Here is our compilation of 15 Albanian baby names and meanings. Have a look!

Male Albanian Names And Meanings:

1. Afrim:

Honest and sincere name Afrim is one the rise as a male Albanian name. The name derives from the word afrim, which means ‘approach’. It is a common Albanian name and is shared by countless Albanian entertainers and writers.

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2. Engjell:

If you are looking for an unusual nam

e for your son, then you must go for ‘Engell’. The name Engjell comes from the Albanian word ‘engell’. It means ‘angel’. The name has seen a significant surge in the popularity, partly because of its association with Engjell Licaj, an Albanian physicist.

3. Flamur:

Flamur is an attractive name meaning ‘flag’. The name is symbolic of patriotism among the Albanians. Flamur is also the name of a famous Albanian footballer, Flamur Kastrati.

4. Kreshnik:

Kreshnik is a rising star in the world of Albanian names. It is a one of the most recommended Albanian names for babies. Kreshnik comes from the Albanian word ‘kreshnik’. It means ‘knight’. It is also the Albanian form of Serbo-Croatian Krajisnik. It means ‘man from Krajina’.

5. Mergim:

The name Mergim has its origin in the Albanian language. It means ‘foreign’ and stranger’. Don’t you think Mergim has an old world charm to it?

6. Meriton:

Meriton, pronounced as Meh-ri-ton, means ‘dedicated to Mars’. Meriton has a relaxed and friendly feel to it. The name also has references to Albanian history and culture.

7. Qendrim:

Qendrim is a stylish Albanian name. Qendrim is a vocabulary word coming from the word ‘qendrim’, which means ‘stay’.

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8. Saban:

Saban is an Albanian name of Arabic origin. It comes from the element ‘sabban’, which means ‘soap merchant’. The name sounds conventionally masculine, probably because it’s an occupational name.

Female Albanian Names And Meanings:

1. Fatmire:

Fatmire is a lovely baby name that is currently on the rise. It sounds more refreshing than its variation Fatma. The name means ‘goof fortune’.

2. Flutura:

If you are looking for nature inspired name for your baby, then you can go for Flutura. Flutura is a famous Albanian name. It comes from the Albanian word ‘flutter’. The name means ‘butterfly’.

3. Blerta:

The name Blerta is back in the top 100 Albanian baby names after nearly a decade. Blerta is a feminine version of the Albanian male name ‘Blerma’. It means ‘green, meadow’.

4. Diellza:

Diellza is a lovely and refined name that conjures up the image of the royal women of Albania. You have to pronounce the name as ‘Di-Yeh-Zah’. This trendy name means ‘sun’. It is steadily tiptoeing up the popularity ladder.

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5. Doruntina:

The name Doruntina was the name of a character in ‘Konstandini dhe Doruntina’, an Albanian folk. Doruntina is an uncommon name. So it is unlikely that your daughter will share the name with any of her schoolmates.

6. Afrodita:

Afrodita is an Albanian variation of the Greek name Aphrodite. The name is also used Slavic, Spanish and Portuguese languages. The name was at its peak in the late nineties.

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7. Manjola:

Don’t you think Manjola sounds melodic? It is a quintessential Albanian name coming from the word ‘manjolia’. It means the flower ‘magnolia’.

Hope you liked our compilation of 15 best Albanian baby names. Feel free to modify the spellings of the names in order to fit your taste.

Which one are you going to select for your baby? Tell us by commenting below.