Top 100 Indian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Indian Baby Boy Names

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Have you recently welcomed a little prince in your family? Are you looking for an apt name for him? Have the innumerable suggestions from the friends, relatives, neighbors and family left you confused? Well, then you may want to look at our list of top 100 Indian baby boy names.

Today’s parents want their child’s name to reflect their ethnicity and tradition. We have compiled a list of 100 modern, yet traditional Indian baby names that will help you decide the perfect name for your baby.

1. Aarav:

Aarav is one of the most popular names for baby boys. It is a modern name, with a rich meaning. The name means ‘peaceful and wisdom’.

2. Vivaan:

Vivaan means ‘the first rays of the sun’. It is one of the names of Lord Krishna. The name has a musical quality. The indian baby boy names are extremely exotic.

3. Aditya:

Aditya is an evergreen choice for naming Indian baby boys. A common pet name for Aditya is Adi. Aditya means ‘sun’ or ‘beginning’.

4. Vihaan:

If you have already n

amed your elder son Vivaan, then you can consider Vihaan for naming his younger sibling. Vihaan means ‘dawn or beginning of a new era’.

5. Arjun:

Arjun is another traditional favorite, probably because of its association with the legendary hero of Mahabharata. The name represents the qualities that parents would like to see in their son. It means ‘honor, bright and courageous’.

6. Reyansh:

Reyansh means ‘a ray of light’. It is one name that is climbing the popularity chart swiftly. It is also another name for ‘Lord Vishnu’.

7. Muhammad:

Muhammad is a popular name among Indian Muslim parents. It means ‘the praised one’. There are many alternate spellings of this name.

8. Sai:

Parents who respect and revere Shirdi Sai Baba often choose to name their child Sai. The meaning of Sai is ‘divine’.

9. Arnav:

Names inspired by nature are very popular with Indian parents. The name Arnav means ‘ocean’.

10. Ayaan:

The name Ayaan is popular amongst both Indian Hindu and Muslim parents. It means ‘good luck’ and ‘destiny’.

11. Aryan:

Often, parents choose names by the characteristics they would like to see in their tiny tot. The name Aryan means noble, a quality that most of the parents want their children to have.

12. Ansh:

Short names are in vogue right now. They are easy to spell and pronounce. One such name is Ansh. It means ‘a musical note’.

13. Shaurya:

Do you want your child to become a brave man? Then name him Shaurya, which means brave.

14. Madhavaditya:

The name Aditya is so popular that people now add it as a suffix to create a new name. The name Madhavaditya means ‘of the springtime’.

15. Dhruv:

Dhruv is a popular name that refers to the pole star. The name is perfect for people who like astral names for their babies.

16. Krishna:

Religion is a great source of inspiration for Indian names. Devotees of Lord Krishna love his name for their little one.

17. Krish:

Krish is a modern variant of the name Krishna. Parents would love their children to have Lord Krishna’s qualities of wit, charm, and intellect.

18. Atharv:

The name Atharv is a great choice for spiritually inclined parents. It means ‘the first Veda’. It is also another name for Lord Ganesh.

19. Ishaan:

Ishaan is another name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. It means ‘the sun’ and ‘harbinger of riches’.

20. Raahithya:

The name spells prosperity as it means a wealthy man. You do want your prince to enjoy all the comforts of life.

21. Kabir:

The name Kabir has been popular for generations now. It is the name of a revered Sufi saint. The name Kabir means ‘great’.

22. Arush:

Arush is a short and unique name starting with the favorite alphabet ‘A’. The name means ‘first rays of the sun’.

23. Rudra:

Rudra is one of the names of Lord Shiva. The name is gaining popularity with every passing day. The name means ‘the remover of pain’.

24. Anik:

The alphabet A is the most popular alphabet for naming an Indian baby. The name Abeer means ‘strong’.

25. Om:

Om is a traditional Indian name that had fallen out of favor in the past but has now made a comeback. Om is a sacred syllable in Hinduism.

26. Ajay:

The name Ajay means ‘the one who is invincible’. In ancient India, the title ‘Ajay’ referred to the triumphant kings.

27. Akshay:

The popularity of this name has increased manifold because of the famous actor Akshay Kumar. The name Akshay means ‘immortal’.

28. Chetan:

The name Chetan symbolizes the gusto and zest that a person brings into other’s lives. The name is gaining popularity thanks to the Indian author Chetan Bhagat.

29. Manish:

The name Manish has been in use since ancient times. You will find this name widely in Indian mythologies. The name Manish means ‘the god of mind’.

30. Manoj:

In Indian mythology, the name Manoj represents Lord Kamadeva, the God of love. The name means ‘the one who understands others’.